Fisher Space Pen PR Series Pressurized Ballpoint Pen Refill - Medium Point - Burgundy Red

Fisher Space Pen PR Series Pressurized Ballpoint Pen Refill - Medium Point - Burgundy Red

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One medium point Burgundy ballpoint ink refill for the Fisher Space Pen.

The sealed ink cartridge is pressurized at about 45 pounds per square inch and contains a visco-elastic, thixotropic, solid-gel ink. The result is a ballpoint pen that will write dependable smooth upside down, underwater, over grease, in extreme cold and hot temperatures and has an estimated shelf life of 100 years. Multiple ink color refills available.

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I have a business that...
October 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have a business that manufacturers and sells wine accessories. For this reason we write with burgundy colored ink. For many years I have heard about Fisher Space Pen. So I decided to buy just the refill because I could get it in burgundy ink (the color of wine) and put the refill into a compatible pen I had on hand. Now I wish I had bought the Zero Gravity pen because I really like the color of the ink, how the refill writes and feel of the tip on paper. And yes, I tried it on wet paper and a oily smudge from my fingers on a piece of paper. It works, now I want to get a mechanical device (pen) to put the new refill into that looks nice and feels nice in the hand. Too bad, when you buy the pen you like it only comes with Black ink. JetPens pricing for the refill is reasonable, service is good and now I am looking to them for the compatable mechanism.
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GREAT cartridge. The...
May 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
GREAT cartridge. The color is fantastic!
Fisher is always reliable....
November 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
Fisher is always reliable. I work outside in Michigan in winter time and Fisher is the only brand that always works.
Update: The Fisher Refill...
October 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
The Fisher Refill is not quite as expected after a week or so of usage. Yes, it will write with the tip upright. In normal use the refill requires constant pressure on the paper to keep the width of the line of ink uniform. Without constant pressure the lines are VERY faint and not uniform. The ink will skip and there is some snagging on lined journal paper. I think the Power Tank is a far better investment relative to writing comfort, performance and consistency. It also writes up or on damp paper and it does not snag on the paper.
Color of burgundy is more Red than Burgundy. Have gone back to my Zebra Sarasa and Jetstream BLX. Great color of burgundy and have used them for years. After a point they do not write upside down however.
Try the Power Tank product-good price also but not in Burgundy color.