Fukusan Deco Craft Embossing Paper Kit - Large - London

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Set includes London themed embossing paper. Embossing tools available separately.

Creating 3-D texture on your crafts is so easy you'll love it. It only involves pushing a rounded metal nib tool onto a piece of paper on a foam mat. The paper curves beautifully, creating a textured look that can be used for all types of images (imagine flower petals, animals and more that \"pop\" out of your page). Combine the curved paper with foam tape to amazing 3-D adornments for your cards, crafts and more!

This special embossing paper set contains a variety of images that can be used to create a London themed craft piece. Cut out the images, dry emboss them with the Fukusan embossing paper and pen set (available separately), then glue them on with foam tape. The resulting 3-D look is very unique. The images can also be used separately to adorn scrapbooks and cards.

See Craft Article: How to Make Fukusan Paper Craft on our Penpedia page for more directions.

Model NumberFUKUSAN FDC-1004
Weight1.8 ounces

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