Gifts for Manly Men

Body Material
Carbon Fiber (1)
Fiberglass (2)
Metal (27)
Plastic (26)
Rubber (11)
Wood (1)
Design Style
Executive (1)
Modern (1)
Slim (1)
Pens (1)

A bear-wrestling, wood-chopping, and beard-growing manly man needs a durable writing tool that can keep up with his rough-and-tumble adventures! Like a glass of good bourbon, the manly man's pen or pencil needs to be refined, yet bold with a strong punch.

This selection of items includes pens, pencils, notebooks, and bags that are fit for the manly lifestyle. Solid construction with quality materials like metal, leather, and wood ensure that it can take a beating in the workshop or out in the field.

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Type: Pens    Body Material: Carbon Fiber
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