Glitter & Metallic Ink Pens

Copic Marker (26)
Faber-Castell (3)
J. Herbin (1)
Kuretake (59)
Pelikan (2)
Pentel (18)
Pilot (7)
Sakura (35)
Sharpie (4)
Uni (22)
Yasutomo (8)
Zebra (17)

Just as jewelry adds a touch of glamor to any outfit, glitter and metallic pens are great for adding a bit of shine to all your projects! These pens contain inks that are incredibly rich in color, and most also have the ability to write on glossy photographs as well as both light and dark colored papers.

Treat yourself to some jewel-like pens from this beautiful selection! You can use them to add captions and doodles in scrapbooks, eye-catching notes in your journals, and much more!

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Brand: J. Herbin    Brand: Faber-Castell
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1 - 4 of 4 | 
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