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This is a fairly decent...
May 9, 2014
This is a fairly decent ink, but where it really shines is the bottle design. While using an eye-dropper seems counter-productive to refilling your nib pens, once the habit sets in you realize how efficient and clean the whole process is. It makes me wish that all ink containers had a dropper.

What drops the review a star (actually I would have given it 3, but that dropper... THAT DROPPER!) to 4 is Higgins tendency to have their ink feather out on lighter paper. Higgins is not a good combination with Deleter's Manga Paper. I would suggest to really experiment with ink/ paper combinations and if you have problems swap the paper for a heavier one like bristol board..
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Higgins Black Magic is...
May 28, 2014
Higgins Black Magic is my go to ink at my local art supply store. It's the darkest ink I can find and it really lays out evenly with fountain pens/brushes. I use it exclusively on my 108 lb Paris Bleedproof paper from Borden & Riley (just the right weight to prevent feathering, and smooth enough to preserve all of the fine details in my artwork). I wouldn't recommend it on thinner/printer paper as the other reviewer mentions, but if you are looking for a truly black ink, this is a great start.
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