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UPDATED Review Turns...
May 23, 2015

Turns out there were ink and paper reformulations. After condensing the ink for one day, it still bled on all of my old (sealed from moisture) bristol board. However, a friend who bought ink from the same batch as me stated it was working fine on her bristol. I decided to test out some new stock and sure enough, across several brands this ink worked flawlessly.

Strathmore had stated that several ink companies reformulated their ink around 2011-2012 and they were working on changing their paper formulations to fix this. My stock was sealed from 2009. My 2014&2015 stocks worked flawlessly.

This ink is very matte, and super dark. On nibs its as dark as Kaimei and Speedball superblack. However, this ink is much thinner and flows great across all nibs tested. It also dries much quicker than Kaimei and Speedball, but doesn't clog nibs as quickly (remember, this ink is ok for use in Rapidiographs and fountain pens). With a brush it is almost as dark as Kaimei and IC Superblack.

All around this is the great ink I remember, and works flawlessly on Strathmore and Canson bristol boards (have yet to test on Eon Comic Boards).
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This is a fairly decent...
May 9, 2014
This is a fairly decent ink, but where it really shines is the bottle design. While using an eye-dropper seems counter-productive to refilling your nib pens, once the habit sets in you realize how efficient and clean the whole process is. It makes me wish that all ink containers had a dropper.

What drops the review a star (actually I would have given it 3, but that dropper... THAT DROPPER!) to 4 is Higgins tendency to have their ink feather out on lighter paper. Higgins is not a good combination with Deleter's Manga Paper. I would suggest to really experiment with ink/ paper combinations and if you have problems swap the paper for a heavier one like bristol board..
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Goes on very dark and...
January 14, 2016
Verified Purchase
Goes on very dark and dries really fast. One stroke of the brush is all you need to get smooth, balanced shadows.

This ink was a disappointment....
December 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
This ink was a disappointment. Unlike Higgins Eternal Black, this ink does not produce a fine line, even with the sharpest dip pen nibs.
Higgins Black Magic used...
May 19, 2015
Higgins Black Magic used to be my go-to ink years ago. Now, while I did not buy it through Jet Pens, I decided to give Black Magic another shot. I don't know if it was just this batch, or if this ink is not good as I remember. This ink bled horribly on any paper I used it on, mainly Strathmore 400 plate britol, Strathmore 300 bristol (smooth), Canson Artist series Smooth Bristol, and Eon Art Boards. Upon further investigation, EonProd recommends staying far away from this ink. Not only did the ink bleed, but it was a gray... nowhere near black. This is NOT the Black Magic ink I remember from years past.

I'll recommend ANY ink over this ink. Heck, you're better off with Speedball Super Black (actually not too bad of an ink).

I wanted to give this ink 2 stars, but I'm giving it an extra star because it could just be my batch. However, I don't think it was as evidenced by EonProd's ink recommendations for their Bristol.
Higgins Black Magic is...
May 28, 2014
Higgins Black Magic is my go to ink at my local art supply store. It's the darkest ink I can find and it really lays out evenly with fountain pens/brushes. I use it exclusively on my 108 lb Paris Bleedproof paper from Borden & Riley (just the right weight to prevent feathering, and smooth enough to preserve all of the fine details in my artwork). I wouldn't recommend it on thinner/printer paper as the other reviewer mentions, but if you are looking for a truly black ink, this is a great start.
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