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Unlike the previous reviewer...
May 17, 2014
Unlike the previous reviewer (telling people to use Noodler's to avoid clogging? Really?) I have actually tried this product. No clogging whatsoever. It has a similar water resistance to carbon black. When applying a wash some comes away, but for the most part it stays put. Great for those or us who like to use our fountain pens for drawing. It's not as black as can be, holding it next to Aurora it actually looks pretty dull. But overall it's a nice inexpensive option.
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January 28, 2015
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NOT a safe ink to use...
May 16, 2014
NOT a safe ink to use in fountain pens. it may work fine for some pens but there are a lot of people experienced clogging and staining. go with more commonly used fountain pen ink brands (noodlers, j, herbin, diamine, ect)
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