Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink - Black - 2.5 oz Bottle

Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink - Black - 2.5 oz Bottle

3.8 (8 reviews)
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Higgins is renowned for their high-quality inks. This free-flowing, deep black calligraphy ink is ideal for use with calligraphy and fountain pens. It's perfect for sketching, lettering, calligraphy, and italic writing! This non-waterproof India Ink dries to a matte finish. It is not laundry-proof.

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Unlike the previous reviewer...
May 17, 2014
Unlike the previous reviewer (telling people to use Noodler's to avoid clogging? Really?) I have actually tried this product. No clogging whatsoever. It has a similar water resistance to carbon black. When applying a wash some comes away, but for the most part it stays put. Great for those or us who like to use our fountain pens for drawing. It's not as black as can be, holding it next to Aurora it actually looks pretty dull. But overall it's a nice inexpensive option.
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this is great ink for...
March 13, 2016
this is great ink for a beginner in calligraphy. The black is a bit dull but its pretty good ink.
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I needed a good ink that...
April 8, 2015
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I needed a good ink that doesn't cost a lot to use in my Reform Refograph pens, similar to Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs, so I decided to try this. Been using it for a while in one of the pens (.30/00) and seems to work out great. Ink is dark and not clogging at all, as some inks I have used in the past.
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my go to ink for any...
May 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
my go to ink for anything!
In my experience, Higgins...
April 20, 2016
In my experience, Higgins Fountain Pen India Ink is not the right ink for me. I bought it for drawing with G-nibs and such but it seemed to feather and bleed on Deleter manga paper. I inked up a Pilot Metropolitan and old Shaeffer fountain pen with disappointing results: Use of the Higgins ink resulted in a dark gray line and excessive nib creep from both pens. (J. Herbin Perle Noire seems to work better in the Pilot pen.)

Some users may be satisfied with this Higgins ink but it is not the ink for me. It is a good thing it was inexpensive, as I did not waste too much money on it.