Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun Eraser - Medium - Gold

Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun Eraser - Medium - Gold

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With your math brain on, you've just written out your 10-step solution to the latest puzzler. But to your dismay, you find a mistake in step 3! You must erase steps 3-10 and start all over. You grab your Matomaru-kun and erase. With this soft eraser, not much pressure is needed to erase cleanly. Best of all, the shavings gather into neat clumps, so you are not left in the end with a dust bowl of eraser shavings. Some clumps stick to the eraser, making it even easier to pick them up and throw away. Because little effort is needed for erasing and clean-up, you can spend all your energies on re-tackling that math problem.

The name says it all for Hinodewashi's Matomaru-kun eraser -- "Matomaru" means "collects" or "gathers," and the eraser shavings do indeed gather neatly into clumps for easy clean-up, leaving you with a clean desk.

The eraser is available in a variety of sizes and forms. This medium-sized model is a white eraser with a gold case.

Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.0 x 0.6 inches (4.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 cm)

Customer Reviews

Not only are these erasers...
September 6, 2013
Not only are these erasers adorable but they are extremely well! I love the feeling and sensation of holding them. They are soft and not hard and rough. Just they way I like it.
Now if your looking for a sturdy and really rough eraser then do not get this.
I also tested this on different grades of pencil lead.
Test 1 2H: Erases every last bit of it.
Test 2 B: Same results, perfectly erased.
Test 3 HB: Sometimes decided to smudge but always left it clean and lead free.
Test 4: 2B: Smudged slightly more than HB yet erased without any trouble.
Test 5: 6B: Now if your pushing down as hard as you can and leaving dark lines with a 4 or 6B then of course it's not gong to erase it fully. Though with light strokes and medium stokes, it cleans up like a charm.
I recommend this eraser highly!
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