Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun Eraser - Paper Rolled

Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun Eraser - Paper Rolled

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With your math brain on, you've just written out your 10-step solution to the latest puzzler. But to your dismay, you find a mistake in step 3! You must erase steps 3-10 and start all over. You grab your Matomaru-kun and erase. With this soft eraser, not much pressure is needed to erase cleanly. Best of all, the shavings gather into neat clumps, so you are not left in the end with a dust bowl of eraser shavings. Some clumps stick to the eraser, making it even easier to pick them up and throw away. Because little effort is needed for erasing and clean-up, you can spend all your energies on re-tackling that math problem.

The name says it all for Hinodewashi's Matomaru-kun eraser -- "Matomaru" means "collects" or "gathers," and the eraser shavings do indeed gather neatly into clumps for easy clean-up, leaving you with a clean desk.

The eraser is available in a variety of sizes and forms. With this paper-rolled model, the eraser is exposed by unraveling the paper wrap.

Dimensions: 3.9 inches length, 0.4 inches diameter (9.9 cm length, 1.1 cm diameter).

Customer Reviews

I am very pleased with...
January 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I am very pleased with this eraser, it's quite practical. If you're the type of person that writes with fair to medium pressure, Matomaru-kun erases with extreme ease, you just have to lightly go over the area and the pencil marks completely dissapear! If, however, you write with a lot of pressure to the point where you make slight indentations in the paper, Matomaru-kun will erase ~98% of the pencil markings (erasing takes more force), it leaves a slight trace of the markings where the indentations in the paper occur. This trace is not very noticable, however, the heavy erasure causes the paper surrounding the eraser to dig into to eraser, so if you tend to erase very heavily, this action might cause the paper to make a significant cut into the side of the eraser.

As for the clumping action of the eraser debris, I have found that it is very minimal with my HB pencil lead, but it works like a dream with my photo-blue 2B pencil lead. All of the debris clumps together with the softer lead.

As for the size of the eraser, it is quite short (~3 inches), but it lasts a while. The eraser is about 1cm wide, if you're looking to erase fine details, this probably isn't right for you. The white plastic part on the back of the eraser came off on mine (because I was messing with it :P), but it stayed in place once I put it back. The clear cap for the eraser sticks right onto the back white piece, so it is quite useful.
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This eraser is AMAZING!...
March 28, 2013
Verified Purchase
This eraser is AMAZING! I was previously using the Staedtler Mars plastic eraser and I really liked it because it was able to erase lines incredibly well. The downside, however, was the fact that my desk was always flooded with eraser shavings by the end of my note-taking. This eraser, however, doesn't do that AND it is erases just as well (if not better!) than the Staedtler. I don't think that I'll be buying any other eraser from here on out!