Hinodewashi Miniature-san Craft Molding Sushi Piece Eraser - Squid

Hinodewashi Miniature-san Craft Molding Sushi Piece Eraser - Squid

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This eraser set offers a fantastic craft project for kids (and adults!) JetPens already sells a wide variety of adorable sushi erasers, but this special set allows you to create and mold your very own sushi, and it can be used as an eraser at the end! The question is, how good of a sushi chef are you?

Each set has two pieces, a colored clay piece and a rice piece. The larger rice (or egg) piece can be used as an eraser. Rice texture is created by rolling little rice grains from the larger white eraser block when it is soft. Right after you soak the white eraser block (called \"henshin-keshigomu\" which means transformed eraser) in hot water, you divide it in two. Make a main sushi part and then cut the other part into small pieces with scissors at the same time. When the small pieces and the main part are still warm, they will stick each other. Roll rice grains and stick it to the larger rice piece. When it cools, the whole sushi will become hard and can be used as a real eraser. The other clay-like piece is called \"Oyumaru\", and it cannot be used as an eraser.

Remember, this set requires hot water to soften the clay and eraser blocks so please use caution and always have adults do the softening.

*Soak the blocks for 3 minutes in hot water (higher than 80?) until they become soft. When the water becomes cold, the clay and eraser box will harden so a thermal insulated container is advisable, such as an electric pot.
*If the blocks becomes hard, you can soak it in hot water (higher than 80?) and it will be soft again.
*When you take it out from hot water, please use chopsticks (or similar utensil) and dry blocks with towel.
*Once you finish molding, cool it with water to make it hard.
*Please be careful not to burn yourself since you need to use hot water.
*Please keep it away from younger children.
*Children should always do this process with adults.
*Please do not put the small pieces into your mouth as they can be a choking hazard.

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