IC Comic Art White Ink - 15 ml Bottle

IC Comic Art White Ink - 15 ml Bottle

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IC Comic inks are specially designed for comic and manga illustration. They dry quickly and sit on top of the paper, so lines do not get blurred by the paper fibers.

This thick and opaque Art White ink is perfect for adding highlights to comics and illustrations, as well as for correcting small mistakes. It goes onto the page with a smooth feel using a brush, and it works well on both black-and-white and color art and documents. The ink is water soluble and can be diluted with water if desired. When diluted, the ink can also be used with a dip pen.

Notes and caution:
For storage stability, there is an inner cap in the bottle. Take care when removing the inner cap, as ink may splatter or get on your hands. If ink gets on your hands, wash it off before it dries. Shake the bottle gently before use. Applied ink cannot be written on even after it has dried. After use, wash brushes and nibs with water. Cap the bottle after use. Keep out of the reach of children. If ink gets in the eyes or mouth, immediately flush with water. Do not mix this ink with anything other than water.

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I absolutely disliked...
April 10, 2016
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I absolutely disliked this product! I just got it today,and It was WAY to thick, and does not work well with nibs. I mixed in a little bit of water, but it still didn't work. I threw it away. I do not reccommend anyone to purchase this product.
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