Impress your Crush

Ink Color
No (1)
Yes (12)
Tip Size
Extra Fine (2)
Fine (4)
Medium (7)
Tip Material
Iridium Tip (3)
Metal (13)
Body Material
Metal (7)
Plastic (6)
Body Color
Design Style
Kaweco (1)
Lamy (2)
Ohto (2)
Pilot (7)
Sailor (1)
Pens (13)

You have a huge crush on your friend. You know, that cute, smart, funny guy or gal that you hang out with every week. However, you've never made a move and are stuck in the perpetual friendzone: a dangerous plase where dreams go to die.

Act quickly and browse this selection of meaningful gifts that are just nice enough to impress secret crushes, but not so extravagant that you'll scare them away. You already know what their favorite color is, so what are you waiting for?

Your Selections:
Type: Pens    Product Type: Fountain Pens
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