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Inkwell Architectural Tape Dots - INKWELL PBP 101
Summary: I'd rate these 3.75 if it were possible. Expensive but deliver. The price is the killer here.

The Good: I've used about two-thirds of a roll so far, and find this tape dots (AKA Architectural and Drafting Dots) to be excellent. They stick well and reliably, which is pretty much the benchmark for a product like this. I'm also able to reposition and reuse the Dots with good results.

The Not-So Good: Similar dots can be found locally for about $6 per roll of 500, making Inkwell dots about three times the price. I'm also looking forward to the v2 of their logo (petty I realize).

About Inkwell

Inkwell makes office products that help app and web designers share and develop their ideas on ink and paper. In Inkwell's words: "After years of digital wireframing we took a step forward into the physical world."