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I own about 15 different...
July 11, 2011
I own about 15 different shade of red ink from different company such as pilot, pilot iroshizuku, herbin, diamine, but there are only 2 different ink that I keep on coming back using them. This J Herbin Aniversary ink is one of them (the other one is iroshizuku momiji). This is a special ink, red blood color with a shade of gold. If you use a fine nib fountain pen, you won't notice the gold shade that much, but try to fill in your broad fountain pen or sometimes I use this ink on my pilot parallel 3.8mm ... the gold shade are amazing and the color are very astonishing. Not too bright but bright enough to catch your attention.
The only complain I have is the wax on the cap crack easily no matter how gentle you open the cap.
Anyway If you love red ink, you will like this ink. I know I am.
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I love this ink. I have...
June 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love this ink. I have been using it for a while and continue to be fascinated with the shading. It goes on red then has shades of brown and gold. I have written many pages in my my Rhodia "Webbie" journal and it is a beautiful look. I think this ink is worth every penny for the shading alone. I am buying a second bottle right now just to make sure I never run out.
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I just ordered my second...
October 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just ordered my second bottle of this extraordinary ink. It is, indeed, expensive, but, for me, it is worth it. Rouge Hematite is a luminous, warm, golden red like no other red ink. I have been journaling with a Pilot Custom Heritage 91 broad nibbed pen filled with this wonderful J. Herbin ink. I think that the luminescence and shading are pronounced when a broad nib is used. The words glow on the page and they produce an ethereal, ambient music in my heart. Although the ink and bottle are beautiful, the only very minor deficit is the wax covered cap. The wax flakes can be bothersome so try to remove all the wax before opening the cap. I highly recommend that you try this J. Herbin "Edition Anniversaire" before it is no more.
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FYI, the newest bottles...
September 8, 2013
FYI, the newest bottles of Rouge Hematite (as of this review on Sept. 8th, 2013) have absolutely none of the gold pigment the original formulation had. I have one bottle of the original formula and one bottle made about a year ago—the difference is certainly visible one the page, but even in the bottle it's obvious when looking at the pigment that's settled on the bottom of the bottle. The newest bottles, however, don't even have any of the gold pigment, and are MUCH lighter on the page with none of that beautiful gold sheen.

It's still a good ink with fairly heavy shading (different than the metallic-looking sheen of the old bottles, mind you), but it's *just* a red ink now.

Just an FYI for those with the old bottles looking to get a new bottle.

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This is the most incredible...
January 7, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is the most incredible red ink I've ever seen. I believe that the pigment is partly derived from the actual hematite stone. People have said in other reviews that there seems to maybe be some gold in the ink but I believe, after having seen the examples of hematite, that it is hematite dust. And like Platinum's Carbon Black this adds a density and beauty that other inks don't have. I understand that it may only work in certain pens (like carbon black) but it is worth finding one of those pens. I use only Platinum Pens, especially the "Music" pen and have no problems. And the contrast between the 2 inks is extremely dramatic on the same page. I like to switch from one to the other while taking my notes simply because it creates such a beautiful effect. But I can see how some might be put off by the color since it is extremely "bloody". I am going to have to get some more before too long to make sure I don't run out as this is the anniversary edition and that seems to insinuate that it is a temporary thing. 50 mls is a lot of ink but I write a lot of notes and I don't think I will ever grow tired of it.
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This is dangerous ink....
September 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is dangerous ink. It is a deep, deep, deep dark red, and colors this vibrant have ingredients that can spell trouble. But first, let me say something good about this ink. It is the most dramatic and eye-catching shade of red I've encountered, and I struggle every time I reach to throw this bottle of ink into the garbage. I still haven't been able to toss it.

Now the cons:

1) It takes forever and a day to dry and if you so much as drag an arm hair across this ink you will have a mess on your hand. Are you a left-hander? Absolutely, positively forget it unless you are constantly working with blotter paper. And it is so slow to dry that even if you aren't careful with blotter paper you will smear it. What I mean is that if you place the blotter paper and accidentally drag it across the page instead of pressing straight down, it will smear.

2) The heavy sediment content responsible for the great colors is also what makes it clog my pens. Every time I use this ink I have to spend 5-10 minutes washing it out of my pens when I'm done.

3) If this ink so much as touches fabric on your clothes or furniture, they're ruined. I write with fountain pen inks all the time and I'm an expert at removing ink stains. But this stuff...forget it.

This ink is like that super sexy, beautiful, crazy girl that actually wants to date you. Screw it! you say. What's a couple dates? How can you turn this woman down? Famous last words.
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Although I love the color...
April 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
Although I love the color of this ink, I do not recommend it for fine or extra fine point nibs. I tried using it in my Pilot Prera with a Fine nib and I found the ink flow to be kind of clogged up by the gold minerals in the ink. The line would break unless I pressed down with more pressure on the nib. Only then could I see the color variation, which was actually very beautiful to look at. After inspection, I could see the mixture gunking up the gills of the pen. I really want to try this ink with a broader nib, maybe even a Pilot Parallel. But for now, I really don't recommend this ink for fine writing nibs.
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I particulary like to...
April 5, 2011
I particulary like to use Pilot Iroshizuko Yama Budo ink in my Sailor fountain pen, using a cartridge. Recently, with the cartridge half empty, I topped it off with the 1670 Anniversary ink and, to my eyes, 50:50 Yama Budo and 1670, the result was good. Correct me if I'm incorrect, but the J. Herbin 340th Anniversay Ink appears to have gold flakes in it which are noticeable when the ink bottle is agitated by turning upside down a few times. For a one-off Anniversay ink, I think the purchase for the bottle alone is worth it.

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I own a bottle of this...
January 20, 2016
I own a bottle of this from 2015. the red is very thick and has some hunks of stuff across the top, very wet and opaque ink! the gold sheen is barely-there - if you use a dip pen, there's a very slight gold sheen on the edges of the lines, and that's about it. so still a respectable red, but not very glitzy or exciting.
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I really like the color...
May 30, 2012
Verified Purchase
I really like the color of this red. When it's first applied to the page it's the color of blood and as it dries it gets a few shades darker and in certain lights, the edges of the writing are gold. This effect is best shown off in a broad wet writing pen or a calligraphy pen. I currently have it in my Pelikan GO! pen. I've also used it to great effect with a watercolor brush.

The bottle is decorative enough to leave on a desk top.

This is a great ink color that I thoroughly enjoy both writing and drawing with.
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