J. Herbin Apple Green Ink - Pearlescent - for Dip Pen - 30 ml Bottle

J. Herbin Apple Green Ink - Pearlescent - for Dip Pen - 30 ml Bottle

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Ink for dip pen use ONLY. Do not use inside fountain pens.

This beautiful J. Herbin ink will enhance your lettering and drawing with a pearl-like luster. It is best suited for use with wide nib dip pens, or brush pens, and can be used on dark or light colored paper. Several Pearlescent ink colors available.

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I want to like this ink...
August 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
I want to like this ink because the color is so beautiful. But the pearlescent effect depends on some iridescent powder (or whatever) mixed in with the green ink, and this pearly stuff just sinks to the bottom of the jar. the instructions do say "shake well before using" but I shook verrrry well and the pearly stuff remained in a sludgy layer at the bottom. I even stirred the ink from the bottom up with a wooden coffee stirrer, but the pearly sludge only came up in a single chunk that refused to disperse and did not mix with the green ink. I had a little better luck getting the blue version of this ink to work, but Apple Green and Coral both refused to cooperate.
I did try the improperly mixed inks with my dip nibs and it was very smooth & a nice color...but without the pearlescent effect, its merely green ink :-/
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Totally agree! The pearly...
August 17, 2012
Totally agree! The pearly stuff just sinks to the bottom of the jar.
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Like noted in the other...
April 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
Like noted in the other two reviews the "pearlescent" was a goop at the bottom. However even after I succesfully got it mixed with the ink I found it did not want to write very well, by the time I had written three letters the ink stopped flowing becasue the "pearlescent" part of the ink remained on the nib. Its very pretty in the bottle and once it is on the paper. Far to time consuming to keep using.
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If you are looking for...
April 13, 2014
Verified Purchase
If you are looking for a good green dip pen ink - here is one! I really like the color and even how it covers and flows at the first stroke.
Why then, for Heaven's sake, so low points?

I have to agree with other reviewers that as soon as we come to this special Pearlescent part - you may easily face disappointment of various kinds. After stirring or really shaking the ink to bring up the pearly part the flow through nib changes, the smoothness of the ink varies and unfortunately, lowers.
I have very high opinion of Herbin inks for fountain pens. They really are unique experience. Perhaps having seen their super quality on one line of production the expected level in other lines is also raised compared to some "average" producers.

Summary - I will keep my green ink as I already paid for it and shipped it and waited for it - lots of investments of different kinds, but I may alter my future "favorite green" with something else. Again - as a green ink for a dip pen it works just fine. Yes, buy. But if you expect some super lustrous sparkly effects that were promised, it may become tricky to achieve.
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