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It's a smooth brush pen...
December 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
It's a smooth brush pen to use overall. It feels nice not exactly what I was expecting but still a good pen
I was initially leery...
February 28, 2014
I was initially leery of getting this pen. The first review online I found for it was very negative, and the first review here on JetPens was also negative. However, pen junkie that I am, I have one... and I'm pleased with it! The body is long and lean, which ought to feel awkward, but doesn't. Instead, it's amazingly light and easy to handle. The brush is a little larger than that found on the Kuretake #8/#13 or Pentel Pocket brush pens... almost as large as that on the Pentel Color brush pen. I have not problem with the ink starting in this pen (mentioned on one negative review I found), though it does flow a little drier than the Kuretake and Pentel pens. Overall, I love this pen and it joins my Pentel Pocket brush pen and Platinum Pocket Soft brush pen (now discontinued, apparently) as a regular carry brush pen.
This brush pen is a disappoint...
September 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
This brush pen is a disappointment in every way.

The materials used in the construction of this pen are cheap. Within the first hour of using it the barrel split down the very thin side. What use I did get from the brush was frustrating. I couldn't get the bristles to come to a point no matter how much I rolled the brush tip. It pulled a very bad line when drawn across paper. Two disposable synthetic brush pens I had bought the week before have preformed better then this overpriced mess. And they were better constructed, too.
Nice addition to a brush...
April 22, 2010
Nice addition to a brush pen collection. Its lightweight plastic body and refill ink cartridges loaded with waterproof ink make it quite convenient and suitable for sketchcrawls and travel art kits especially if you plan to color your sketches with watercolors.
I like this pen! I was...
March 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
I like this pen! I was hesitant to buy it because there was only one review on the web which was not that complimentary. But I really wanted to try the different color ink cartridges. And I think I like this one as well as my pentel pocket brush and that is saying something. Now I am hoping for some red ink cartridges.
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