J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Invisible Ink

J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Invisible Ink

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Also known as “Encre Sympathique”. The ink turns blue when held under a light or other heat source. Writing disappears as the paper cools.

* Looks pink in the bottle but writes clear
* Water based
* 30 mL
* For dip pens ONLY, not for use with fountain pens.

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This ink is not for fountain...
July 11, 2011
This ink is not for fountain pens and it required an extreme heat (ie: stove or hot halogen light) to make this invisible ink to be visible. I thought the ink will be visible from the heat of my finger such as the one in some check book, but it doesn't. I have to put the paper directly under my halogen table light for 7-10 seconds to change this ink into a blue shade. Not worth the money.
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