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J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Pearlescent Ink - Yellow


J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Pearlescent Ink - Yellow
 - J. HERBIN H132-50
  • J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Pearlescent Ink - Yellow
 - J. HERBIN H132-50
  • J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Pearlescent Ink - Yellow
 - J. HERBIN H132-50
  • J. Herbin Dip Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Pearlescent Ink - Yellow
 - J. HERBIN H132-50
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Ink for dip pen use ONLY. Do not use inside fountain pens.

This beautiful J. Herbin ink will enhance your lettering and drawing with a pearl-like luster. It is best suited for use with wide nib dip pens, or brush pens, and can be used on dark or light colored paper. Several Pearlescent ink colors available.


Model NumberJ. HERBIN H132-50
Shipping Weight4.30 oz
Bottle Size 30 ml
Ink Characteristics Pearlescent
Ink Color Yellow
Size - Height 5.1 cm
Size - Length 4.9 cm
Size - Width 4.9 cm
Usage Dip Pens
Water Resistance None

8 people found this helpful
  A great ink for dipping..., March 14, 2012
By jlanedc18 - See all my reviews
A great ink for dipping pens. I never knew there would be such a difference using the right kind of ink instead of typical fountain pen inks with dip pens. Nice bright yellow.

I would also like to point out that there is one other review and the person had never used the product and has nothing to add in order to help you make an informed buying decision. Instead they did damage to a perfectly great product from an equally great company. The rating system is now meaningless for this product becasue it is a 5 star product and will be rated 4 stars at best.

*It is important for people to understand what the review process is for. If you do not understand why on line retailers have this feature I advice you take some time to learn about the philosophy. It is not a difficult concept to understand and it has the potential to be very helpful to consumers especially of new products they are thinking about trying. Please take it serious and respect the rest of the community by not leaving anything other than honest reviews of products you have personally had experience with. There is not other reason for anything else to be written and rated in the review section anywhere on Jetpens. They have awesome customer service and are very responsive to emails. SO if you need something just email them and I promise you it will be dealt with much quicker than writing on the review board.
  I agree with jlanedc18's..., April 13, 2014
By tuulistewart - See all my reviews
I agree with jlanedc18's review and with the comment about the meaning of a review to the products future usage and sales - do not rate down (or up) if you haven't experienced it yourself, have no comparison or haven't taken time and put some effort in testing really and actually on different materials (papers, paints, on top of other colors or inks, as water-based, as a mix with something else etc).

As of this particular color - it is brilliant, wonderful, makes you happy to use and to see later.
It's saturation is super, it could be used as the upper layer without shaking or stirring - just richest yellow you can imagine or - stirred and shaken mixing it with the sparkling part of the mixture.
Wonderful color, highly recommended to beginners for experimenting and for experienced users to alter gold or white in some occasions. It really brightens up your work and gives you field of new combinations for both drawing and calligraphy writing.
  Could you post writing..., February 13, 2012
By win... - See all my reviews
Could you post writing samples of these inks please?!