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White ink - all calligraphers...
April 13, 2014
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White ink - all calligraphers and scribes are in search of the perfect one. It is very tiresome to mix it each time your own and living on age of plenty we hope to get it ready made in the bottle.

This one is a good ink. Really good. It flows fine, covers with no blocks or excessive coverage that comes obvious when you write really fine script or with fine-point nib.
The minus that I would bring out is that it doesn't have expected intensity or saturation. It stays rather shady white not white-white and especially when you need contrasts it may need an alternate ink or color to be used on the project. The tone becomes rather friendly natural - not titanium but zinc white. It is opaque and needs, while writing, still occasional shaking or stirring.

Summary - the flow is fine, works good on some projects but I would look around to find better solutions if I was to write really white text on color or need some accents for my drawings.
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