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This stuff is really...
February 29, 2012
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This stuff is really watery to the point where it doesn't stay too well with a nib, and when you start writing with it, you THINK it's somewhat white, but the moment it dries on darker paper it suddenly fades about 5 shades. Even shaking the bottle vigorously does nothing.
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I love this ink! I just...
January 8, 2014
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I love this ink!
I just want to write more and more. To try this ink with different nibs on different papers and materials.

It is elegant, looks super in different combinations, is easy to write onto and to write with on something, plus great for calligraphy because you can use eraser afterwards (for getting rid of supporting pencil lines) without being worried about the ink being smeared.

It dries fast, leaves smooth and even lines even when writing with the finest of nibs.

I am very happy with this ink! White in quality is hard to find and Herbin has been on its long-lived standards again.
Yes, the bottle costs a bit more than whatever gouache or acrylic but is totally worth it.

Your writing will look absolutely magnificent with this ink on tracing-paper or even on fast-absorbing paper. My confidence in Herbin has grown again:). Thank you!
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