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8 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  Without a doubt the best..., January 24, 2011
By dan...
Without a doubt the best black fountain pen ink in the world. A very deep black, with great flow, good lubrication, limited feathering and bleed-through on most papers, nice dry-time and very safe in all pens. I just wish that Jet Pens would stock the cheaper 100ml plastic bottles!
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I am using this ink in..., December 2, 2010
I am using this ink in a Lamy Safari. This ink flows quickly and writes smoothly. I like it a lot. A very good black.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  A great black ink! A..., May 12, 2012
A great black ink! A deep black, no feathering on my Clairfontaine paper, and thats using a Kaweco double broad! It also flows very well.
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  I just loaded the ink..., October 21, 2011
By jch...
I just loaded the ink into my Hi-Tec Cavalier Fountain Pen. The color comes out much darker from the pen than the swatch, but I haven't actually taken a small amount and smudged it across the paper, so I suspect that it's true to the color shown on my screen. It writes very smoothly and is fairly wet. All in all a great buy, and so much more economical and fun than cartridges!
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  I just received my order..., April 29, 2011
By cut...
I just received my order and I am currently dipping a preppy platinum fountain pen in the ink. I also ordered Violette Pensee. I am in love with this ink, its wonderful and writes beautiful. It's rich and color and I use it for everyday school work. I love jetpens!!!!! Keep it up, I will always be checking in on this website for new products. The best online stationary store yet.!! :)
  Noodler's level depth I..., August 19, 2014
Noodler's level depth
I am a huge fan of noodlers inks however since jetpens stopped carrying them i needed an alternative
This black ink shares some of the really deep qualities most of the noodlers inks have when u use it in wash
Its great cuz i can use it as a black ink for writing, and then a wash that has multiple layers
when u add water it starts out in a smoky purple and then fades into a gorgeous light deep sea green
It also doesnt feather on copy paper so its great for school as well
the one problem is the bottle as it kind of ruins the ability to stick ur nib in there
overall great ink
  I find Perle Noire only..., September 14, 2012
By adc...
I find Perle Noire only to be black enough when used in a free flowing pen, at least a medium nib or higher. In my fine and extra fine pens (Sailor ProColor and Pelikan M215) the lines came out faint and charcoal-like. I wish Jet Pens would stock my FAVORITE black, Aurora Black. A much truer black, thick and inky.
  This is a very good ink..., July 13, 2012
This is a very good ink with nice black shade. If you are looking for a pure, 100%, darkest black in the world, this may not be your ink. However, if you want a black ink for sketch with a little bit tone like I do, this is the right one. It is more watery than I thought. This ink works very well on most of the paper, however, it tends to bleed a little on smooth surface like Moleskine sketchbook which makes it look uneven.
  Very nice black, not..., April 22, 2011
Very nice black, not the deepest but nice classic look.
  one word... PERFECT!..., February 18, 2011
By bet...
one word... PERFECT!!!!
  I love it! Please Re..., December 12, 2010
I love it! Please Restock!
  Fantastic classic black...., September 19, 2010
By gwe...
Fantastic classic black. Not as lubricious as many modern inks, which can cause problems writing with any speed. However, very dark for its "wateriness", which gives a wonderful quill-pen line from a fine italic nib.
  Definitely my favorite..., April 28, 2010
Definitely my favorite black. Sooth with good flow and saturation.
  In reading various blogs..., October 12, 2009
In reading various blogs about inks I decided that I just had to try it. I had already purchased an A.S. Manhattaner's fountain pen earlier last month and was somewhat disappointed with how well the pen wrote. So, in reading about bottled inks I decided if the pen had a converter I would give it a try. Wellll, just let me say that I have now fallen in love with this pen and the way it writes now. I don't know if it was the ink or what but it writes so much more smoother and I would highly recommend this ink. I purchased it in the Perle Noir color and I very much like it cause it does have like a shiny black hue to it.
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I just bought this pen..., August 4, 2009
I just bought this pen and am waiting for it to come in the mail. It usually takes about 1-2 days to get to me and I've ordered many times from jetpens. I read an article saying you can refill platinum preppy fountain pens with regular bottled inks by just adding an o-ring to the threads of the barrel. I am currently in love with the j. herbin and pilot iroshizuku bottled inks and am waiting on my glass pens and the platinum preppy pens to test them out. I am definitely looking forward to receiving these pens in the mail. I only wish bottled inks were cheaper... $22.50 for a bottle of iroshizuku is really taxing my wallet. overall, great buy though!