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J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Empire (Empire Green)


J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Empire (Empire Green) - J. HERBIN H130-39
  • J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Empire (Empire Green) - J. HERBIN H130-39
  • J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Empire (Empire Green) - J. HERBIN H130-39
  • J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Empire (Empire Green) - J. HERBIN H130-39
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Kiss your paper with lush ink colors created by the French. Each 30 ml bottle has a unique rectangular shape that doubles as a pen rest. Pens can balance on the flat area on the top of the bottle near the cap. These bottles are known as "D bottle pen inks". The "D" refers to the old French unit of measure "la Demi Courtine".

J. Herbin was established in 1670 and is the oldest name in formal ink production in the world. It is the ink namesake used by renowned figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Victor Hugo of Les Miserables. M. Herbin created this line, "The Jewel of Inks", in his shop on the Rue des Fosses Saint-Germain in Paris in 1700. Capture a moment of history with these high-quality inks from J. Herbin at JetPens.

Ink features:
- 30 beautiful colors
- Non toxic and pH neutral
- Lightfast
- Water based
- Flows smoothly and is fast drying
- All natural dyes


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Model NumberJ. HERBIN H130-39
Shipping Weight4.66 oz
Bottle Size 30 ml
Ink Color Empire Green
Size - Height 5.2 cm
Size - Length 4.9 cm
Size - Width 4.9 cm
Usage Dip Pens, Fountain Pens
Water Resistance None

2 people found this helpful
  I see that some reviewers..., June 28, 2013
By dalahastar - See all my reviews
I see that some reviewers expressed a strong dislike of this ink because it did not closely match the sample in the image, or because it is more 'olive' and less 'green' than they expected. Others described it as a "sophisticated gray green" or found it to have something of an olive tone, but liked it nonetheless.

Having now tried this ink in two Lamy pens, one with a Fine nib and the other with an italic 1.5mm nib, I'm inclined to say that the truth is somewhere in between these extremes. With the Fine nib, this ink wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly impressive, either. The flow of the ink was, as expected of J. Herbin inks, quite smooth. The color, which I would describe more as 'grey-green' than 'olive', was nice, but left something to be desired. Shading was negligible and didn't really add anything to the ink.

Now, with the 1.5 nib, I have much more use for this ink. With a broad nib, you can really see the green in this ink, and it really does take on a more cultured appearance, so to speak. The shading comes out much more nicely, too. At least for calligraphy purposes and the like, I wouldn't hesitate to get this one again.
2 people found this helpful
  I find this to be more..., April 30, 2011
By ibaranov.elec - See all my reviews
I find this to be more of an olive color than a fresh green. However, it is still an excellent ink; smooth and consistent.
  I love this color. It's..., March 13, 2013
By gre... - See all my reviews
I love this color. It's a sophisticated gray green. To me, it is very pleasing, eye easy, and beautiful!
1 person found this helpful
  I wanted to like this..., April 27, 2012
By rme... - See all my reviews
I wanted to like this ink; it's a nice shade of green-gray but isn't saturated enough. Comes out as a light green-gray. Noodler's Zhivago is a a similar shade by more saturated and darker.
  I have to agree with..., August 5, 2012
By inapplecountry - See all my reviews
I have to agree with the other reviewers who stated this didn't match the sample online. It is a sort of "olive drab", so I suppose the Army might like it. The ink itself performs well and I will use it but it is not the shade that I had hoped for.