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Almost exactly the same...
July 21, 2015
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Almost exactly the same color as Diamine Soft Mint. J. Herbin inks, in my experience, tend to be a little too wet and feathery. But using it in a fine nib has worked out well enough. Gorgous minty blue-green, and a nice bottle with a pen rest built into its front edge.
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I absolutely love this...
October 13, 2011
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I absolutely love this ink! Beautiful color, and perfect consistency for my work.
this is a great ink it...
August 9, 2009
this is a great ink it is more of a teal color when i first wrte with it i thought i still have ink in my nib because its a green color with a hint of blue in it i do wish it came in a bigger bottle like a 50ml but i will most likely try more of there inks later my local pen store game me this color for free lol they had a like open house thing and they gave these out free yay
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