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From the packaging to...
August 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
From the packaging to the color, this is a really beautiful ink. When you use it at first, the color looks a bit mainstream and you might think this is just another blue ink in pretty pacakaging. Well, give it about a day or two and the ink softens, turning light purple/blue. It's extremely pretty.
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The presentation is beautiful....
August 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
The presentation is beautiful. I ordered two of these, and both came with very adorable (yet, both different) tissue paper in the box (less work for me!). The bottle is so cute. It is not extremely heart-shaped, as the first reviewer said, but it is heart-shaped enough to know that it is supposed to be heart-shaped. The first reviewer also said that they couldn't use this with their fountain pens- a simple solution to that would be getting a pipette or dropper to get the ink out. Another possibility would be to get a small syringe (optional with needle, maybe an unused insulin syringe) to inject the ink from the bottle into the converter or chamber.
The color is so difficult to describe. The other two reviewers below have it spot-on, yet they aren't even close at the same time. One said denim, one said purple-ish. Both are entirely right, both are just a little wrong. It's truly a unique color that can't really be compared to any other color. Awesome!
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This ink is beautifully...
October 11, 2012
This ink is beautifully presented. The round metal box is very pretty, the tissue paper packing it is nice, and it comes with the tale of why they chose this name. The wax seal was a bit difficult to get off the bottle, but that's probably because I've never actually tried to remove a wax seal.

The bottle isn't as heart shaped as I had expected, but it's very pretty. The opening is far too small. I can fit my J. Herbin Tapered Body Frosted Glass Dip Pen into the bottle, but I can't fit my Lamy Safari in. I won't purchase another bottle because I can't use my fountain pens with it.

The ink itself is a beautiful, bold blue when I write with it, but it fades as soon as it starts to dry. A previous reviewer noted a purple tint to it, but mine is drying into more of a faded denim color. This could be the paper I tested it on, so I'll check it out on a few other pages tomorrow to see if it makes a difference (I've used it on white paper that tends to bleed a bit and on a pale blue stationary stock that doesn't bleed but could have an effect on the color.

It has a cork top, and I live in the desert. I have only used bottled ink that screwed closed, and I'm wondering if the cork will cause the ink to dry out more quickly. I'm also concerned that it will be tipped over on my desk and slowly dribble out. I don't have a fear of that with my screw tops. They generally aren't knocked over, but the bottom of the heart bottle isn't as bulbous as my other ink.

Overall, I'm thrilled to have received this ink as a gift. Not only is it nicely packaged, but I was gifted the dip pen with it. It's a very romantic gift item even if it's not perfect.
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