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The color on the top...
September 4, 2013
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The color on the top is a good representation of this ink. This writes as well as you'd expect from J. Herbin, and actually probably makes crisper lines than many of their other inks (which is to say this is exceptional, because most of their inks don't bleed much at all). All in all, a great ink. I don't love the color, not because it's unattractive, but it's nothing that is surprising or unexpected.
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Nice ink. Can't complain....
December 10, 2014
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Nice ink. Can't complain. Color is vibrant and the ink flows as it should on a variety of different paper types. Has not bled on anything I've used it for.
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I love this ink, it dries...
July 4, 2016
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I love this ink, it dries to my favorite shade of purple and flows very well with a minimum of bleeding, feathering, and show-through on the papers I've tried it with.
a great color that works...
August 20, 2015
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a great color that works well to highlight my notes.
Great product, lovely...
June 19, 2015
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Great product, lovely packaging, good price, fast service. Jert Pens did well.

The inks the violet ink French Schoolchildren used for generations. Fabulous color and control. Only ink I use.
A favorite. Be aware...
February 19, 2015
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A favorite. Be aware that this is colorful, but not dark. Similar to the color of the ditto machine ink of my youth (spirit duplications), but sweeter. It goes on quite a bit darker than it dries.

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