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Just received my first...
October 9, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just received my first J Herbin refillable rollerball and am wishing I had ordered 2 as they are now sold out. I LOVE this pen! The convenience and ease of writing with a roller ball but able to use the beautiful, subtle fountain pen inks that Herbin are famous for. Be aware that this pen is picky about what paper types it likes to write on (seemed happier, smoother with 'rougher' paper types), but when the paper and pen match it is writing heaven.
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Saw these come back in...
November 11, 2012
Verified Purchase
Saw these come back in stock the other day and ordered two right away. They were sold out within a day! Buy one (or some) if you get the chance, they are so fun and awesome. I do wish J. Herbin would make one of these available with a finer tip, but it is still great as is. The ink flows very well, too fast if you let the tip rest on the paper (tends to bleed fast on some paper), but it's pretty easy to get used to.

Anyway, get this pen, you'll be happy.
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I bought two of these...
September 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought two of these pens after reading the reviews here, and it is a complete disappointment. The nib is very scratchy and thin, and when I write fast the ink doesn't even reach the paper. I took out the cartridge and put it in a Kaweco Roller (same type of pen, different brand) and it's working beautifully (nice smooth line, not to wet, not scratchy at all). I wanted to check that the ink wasn't the problem. I love the idea of refillable roller pens, but the Herbin pen didn't work for me.
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all of my friends love...
February 19, 2013
all of my friends love this pen with me! in class they always grab for my "pretty purple pen!" i bought mine in a store in taiwan- last one on the rack! this is one of my favorite ink pens. the colors are all great, but they leak through some papers. long lasting and light. BUY IT.
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These are a really nice...
February 2, 2014
These are a really nice way to have the beautiful colors of the J Herbin inks around in a handy little pocket pen. I ended up buying two so I could keep two different colors "on tap". I've only used the J Herbin cartridges but they work wonderfully, nice and bright with a very smooth line.
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I bought one for note...
August 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought one for note taking and it worked great for a couple of weeks. I left it in a drawer for a couple of days and the tip clogged. The ink was still liquid in the cartridge (J. Herbin ink), but I think that the internal wick dried and clogged. I tried soaking it for a couple of days, eventually even trying a weak ammonia solution and an ultrasonic cleaner, but I couldn't revive it.
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I was wary about buying...
January 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was wary about buying this due to its size, as I have fairly large hands. I'm happy to report this isn't an issue. In fact, I think it would be spoiled if it were any larger.

Posted, it is -perhaps not coincidentally- the exact same length as a retractable Jetstream. Capped, it is about a centimeter longer than a Pilot Petit.

It's a smooth writer too. I put Pelikan Brilliant Black through and it glided page after page. No skips, no blobbing, no scratching.

A note for those planning to eyedropper (I know I was): There are three teeny tiny holes at the butt end of the barrel. You'd probably need a microscope to get a sealant in there without making a mess. The feed nipple is the right width for an international standard size converter, but the barrel isn't even close to long enough.

This is a great FP alternative for everyday use. It's comfortable, light, portable, and inexpensive. I just wish it could be ED'd more easily.
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Adore this pen. Back...
February 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
Adore this pen. Back to order more and a few of the converters. Fun and inexpensive and the best of this type I have found. So happy they are in stock. I have not found a paper that it did not do well with so far and I have used inexpensive to expensive ink without problems. Hope it takes to noodlers ink.
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This pen is really good....
December 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen is really good. It writes smoothly. I use it with a blue ink. You can use a mini converter to use bottled ink. When you want to use another color ink, you can put water in a mini converter so you can put water in and to suck it out of the pen. I tried this and it works great to clean the pen. The only thing is that it will be wet and you have to wait about a couple of days for it to dry.
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I just received my J....
October 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I just received my J. Herbin Rollerball Pen today, even a day earlier than expected. Installed the ink cartridge and did an initial test. It writes very smooth for a rollerball pen, most rollerballs are somewhat scratchy due to design but this one seems to be very smooth, not quite as smooth as a ballpoint, but not scratchy enough to tell its only a $9 pen. Great quality and it refillable not many rollerball pens are refillable so this is a nice plus. I'll definitely be buying different ink colors soon.
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