JetPens Fountain Pen Starter Kit 1

JetPens Fountain Pen Starter Kit 1

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The JetPens Fountain Pen Starter 1 is a curated selection of products that will give you a taste of the pleasure of writing with fountain pens on fountain pen friendly paper. We've also included samples of our favorite inks to get you started.

Fountain Pens
Lightweight and compact, the Platinum Preppy and JetPens Chibi 2 are great introductions to the world of fountain pens. Each pen comes with its own cartridge, but you can also use the respective converters to try other fountain pen inks.
Tip: To use the cartridge, simply push it into the pen until the top is punctured by the pen feed. To use the converter, attach it to the pen feed and draw ink up through the whole nib unit, using the piston fill mechanism.

Fountain Pen Friendly Paper
When writing with fountain pens, it’s important to use quality paper. The Apica CD notebook and Tomoe River paper are exquisite products that will best exhibit the smoothness of writing with a fountain pen, with no ink bleed-through or feathering.
Tip: Fountain pen ink takes longer to dry than conventional ballpoint ink, so give your ink a few extra seconds of drying time on the page.

Fountain Pen Inks
Fountain pen users love the customizable nature of their pens, such as the ability to choose from a wide variety of ink colors. In this pack, we’ve included a couple of popular inks for you to try. J. Herbin Perle Noire is a lovely, dependable black, and the beautifully vibrant Diamine Asa Blue adds wonderful color yet is suitable for everyday use.

The items included in this kit are listed again below, in the Products Included section. Links to additional photos and details about each product can be found there.

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Customer Reviews

The starter kit is perfect...
May 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
The starter kit is perfect for those who are new to the fountain pen world. The two pens are easy to use with the converters/cartridges. The 4 sample inks are beautiful. I have experience with Tomoe River Paper but the two additional papers are new to me but highly usable with fountain pens. Thank you.
2 people found this helpful
I loved this! I wanted...
March 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
I loved this! I wanted to get back to using fountain pens and all I could find was calligraphy pens in my area. This order was a perfect sampler for me to learn of new (to me) products. I have since ordered several more Preppy pens and Chibi pens, both of which are just what I was looking for. The packaging was excellent, rec'd my orders very quickly. I have no complaints whatsoever. The Chibi pen amazed me how comfortable it was to use and how easy it wrote, not just on the good paper in the sampler but also on printer paper and mixed media paper. That paper was slightly more scratchy, but that was okay. I am retired; I occupy my time, partly, practicing a form of short-hand that I learned decades ago. I went thru about 3 dozen ball-points that could not be re-filled. That was such a waste. Using a ball-point pen for that much writing caused my hand to develop numbness, and I had to stop that activity. The fountain pen with it's ease of writing, let me get back to writing again. The Preppy I converted into an eye-dropper, holding my breath that it would work, and it did, perfectly. I am very happy with my new pens and paper.
1 person found this helpful
This set was honestly...
May 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
This set was honestly the best move I think I could have made. I had no idea where to start, and these pens are both easy to use, and maintain. The Diamine Asa Blue ink is a lovely sapphire shade. I have not tried the J. Herbin Perle Noire ink yet, but with the JetPens Chibi 2 included ink cartridge is very nice. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in their first fountain pen.
I love it all! Works...
February 26, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love it all! Works great.
Perfect introduction...
June 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
Perfect introduction to fountain pens. I use my preppy everyday! And I love the inclusion of the special inks, I would have never purchased the full sizes, but these are perfect for my 'special occasions'. Thank you so much!