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My other pens are all...
May 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
My other pens are all incredibly valuable vintage Waterman and Parker, so I know what an exceptional pen feels like. However I was horrified by the toll that light everyday usage was taking on them, all the little bumps, drops, and scratches were adding up quickly. So when I saw this music print Kaweco Sport on sale, I thought I would take a chance.

This pen is a great everyday carry!! It is very very small, and I love that there is no clip. You just pop it in a pocket, and it disappears. Also it seems to weigh about as much as a staple, even with a full ink cartridge and the cap posted. And yet the construction is rock-solid, and the nib section seems strong enough to open a beer or two. I prefer to write with the cap posted because it becomes that familiar full size once the cap is on. But for extra fine detail unposted is equally comfortable, I'll probably use both equally since I actually got this to write and arrange music!

As for performance, again this Kaweco is great. I have yet to finish my first full cartridge, so I don't know how much it will eventually break in. But from the first stroke it writes very well. I got the FINE nib, which perhaps in German pens is much much finer than others, I'm not sure this is my first Kaweco. It is even finer than my Parker Arrow extra fine. So if you are looking for a wetter stroke, or perhaps a fast writer, get the Medium or even Broad. This pen is very very fine and needle-like, although I am hoping it will loosen up a little over time. I should mention here that I'm using Kaweco sepia ink, which seems to be a little on the thick side. So a wetter ink may make a big difference.

So, I'm not sure how much this one differs from the standard Kaweco Sport, if at all. But I do love this pen. And not to mention the beautiful music print and wonderfully engraved, bright gold nib, which gets me just as many compliments and conversations as a pen costing 15 times as much!

SUMMARY: solid A grade - I bought this for the cute looks and sale price, but I'm so thrilled with the feel and performance that my $200+ "dream pens" can go back in the box where they belong. Now I see why nobody seems to have just one of these little guys, I can't wait to collect more colors and nibs!
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I bought this pen because...
June 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen because I wanted a portable FP and it did not disappoint, the fine nib looks more like a medium to me when compared with my pilot metropolitan. It is a smooth writer and the nib just seems to glide on my rhodia and clairefontaine notebooks, it also works on my moleskine and field notes although it bleeds through like every other FP on those two kinds of paper. The $18.50 price point is what attracted me to this pen, if it was more than $20, I would not have bought it. I also bought a monteverde mini converter with this since its own converter is out stock, it works well :)
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March 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
Just got both in the mail and the montverde converter falls out it doesn't attach at all the the ink thing. And I looked that the tops of the monetverde and the free ink they gave me and they're not alike at all. The pen is so cute and small and it writes really well I really like it but the monteverde converter was a waste of money since they are not compatible.
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I've had this pen for...
November 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've had this pen for a few months now, and use it to take notes and doodle. It had some pretty bad ink flow issues with the cartridge it came with and once when I left it uncapped for ~15 min. I usually clip it to one of jeans pockets and it stays put. When it's cleaned and capped, it writes beautifully. The line is a little broader than I'd hoped for. However, you can write with the back side of the nib to get a hairline. That trick works really well for small writing but is very scratchy. The grip is okay, but if you like to hold your pens higher up, your fingers will be on the threads. The musical symbols on the side are very durable and have not taken a single scratch.

This is a great EDC pen, but avoid using the blue/black ink that it comes with, and remember to cap it when not in use.
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Really great pen, especially...
January 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
Really great pen, especially at the sale price. When I first received it I was anxious to get it started, and I just inserted the cartridge that came with it without flushing it with water first; it wrote well but the first stroke on each letter didn't have any ink flow. I took the cartridge out, put a drop of liquid soap inside and then flushed it like crazy, let it dry, then inserted another cartridge (the Kaweco sepia, sweet color) and primed it by squeezing just a little, and now it writes like a champ. I wrote for a couple hours the first night with no skips or blobs or misses. I can't believe I didn't buy one of these years ago. The first fountain pen I ever tried was a big heavy brick of a thing that needed constant care, and it turned me off fountain pens for a long time, but I couldn't resist this print and price of this one, and I'm really glad I bought it. Can't wait to collect more colors and sizes!
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After reading so many...
March 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
After reading so many good reviews about this specific model (music edition) of fountain pen, I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the quality of this pen. I should have done more research or checked out the reviews on the other colors of this pen. It seems like this pen is a hit or miss in terms of manufactured nib which is surprising because thy are German made. One would think that they would have a little better quality control.

With my particular pen model, I have experienced an extremely dry nib, hard to start, even scratchy at times. The pen skips every other word and refuses to write when swiped too quickly or lightly. All in all, this pen has reduced my pleasure from using fountain pens for the time being. I guess I jumped the gun when I read iridium point and gold plated, along with the beautiful music design (which seems to be the only thing I enjoy in this pen). I heard that adjusting the nib itself can help to increase ink flow, but in this case it seems no amount of teasing and pushing will move the nib points into a better position. I guess I would require the help of a professional which kind of ruins the point of a cheap pen.
I bought this pen because...
March 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen because I saw a review on YouTube. This was also on sale which made me want to by it. It is small and compact. I used to carry a Fisher Space Pen Ballpoint because it was so compact butt now I have a compact Fountain Pen. I take it to school and use it everyday and because it has a fine nib it does not fray on economical paper. If you like the Fisher Space pen or you like Fountain Pens get this one! One other thing is that the Squeeze type converter was out of stock which made me sad, but that does not make this a bad pen! I bout a pen, clip, box of Kaweco carts., and a Sakura Foam Gel eraser for $25.00 flat with free shipping. Bye!
This is the first fountain...
March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is the first fountain pen I’ve ever used that writes well on a normal post-it note. It’s also my first time using cartridges in a couple of years, and it’s my first time using kaweco ink.
I have no idea if it’s the pen or the ink or the combo, but this pen WRITES ON POST-IT NOTES. All my other fountain pens have problems with post-it note paper (ink won’t come out of the pen, the ink pools funny, the ink takes too long to dry, etc. I need to look into a bottle of kaweco ink (if it exists) and switch out my ink in some other work pens!
It’s an adorable little pen. It’s ridiculously light weight, but the plastic doesn’t look cheap or seem flimsy. I’m guessing the plastic has the same level of durability as my Lamy Vista (which I think is the demonstrator version of the Lamy Safari… same price, same size, etc.) This Kaweco is sharp. I’m going to buy two more of these, but I’m concerned that they won’t look as good or be as sturdy as this music one. The pictures on the website of the other Kaweco sport pens in the same price range look pretty cheap and flimsy (except for the black and white ones).
When I say it’s a cute little pen, I mean it. I wear a size small women’s glove, and when I close my fist around then capped pen (across my palm), my fist completely covers the white cap and goes a bit into the black body of the pen. When the pen is open and posted, the pen is the perfect size and balance for me.
Posted, my new Kaweco Sport is the same length as my unposted Lamy Vista and Lamy Safari pens.
Posted, my new Kaweco is a nib length longer than my Esterbrook.
The body is a touch wider than the Esterbrook and the cap is a touch wider than my Lamy Vista.
I bought the fine point nib and was disappointed that the fine point nib is just as thick as the fine point nib on my Lamys. But since the thicker link is well controlled and even, I’ll live with it.
I don’t generally use cartridges, so I’m not sure if what I’m about to say is about cartridge use in general, if it’s specific to this pen, or if it’s about the kaweco cartridge ink. I also forgot to flush it before use. The pen took a full day before it wrote properly.
Interesting note – I dipped the nib into my Waterman’s South Sea ink (aqua color) because even though the pen wasn’t writing from the cartridge, I wanted to try it out. I have never dipped a nib in a bottle and had the ink last so long. I wrote 1.5 pages (8.5x11) before the ink started skipping and running out!
I didn’t use the cartridge that came with the pen. I purchased a box of Kaweco blue/black cartridges and used that instead. The color is a nice denim color, but I was hoping for a slightly blacker ink. I’ll have to look and see what other colors I can get cartridges in. I don’t see a reason to buy other brands of cartridges unless I find myself really hankering for a color kaweco doesn’t sell because, dude, it writes on post-its!
There is definite show through and it’s just about to bleed through anywhere that the pen wasn’t moving for even a second (mostly on periods, the start of a line, or the end of a line). However, I’m using it on office paper (cheap copy paper and Office Depot brand white “legal” pads). I haven’t brought it home to try in my good notebooks, but I’m hoping for less bleed through. If the show through doesn’t decrease on the better quality paper, I’ll probably stock one of the new ones in a lighter colored ink (oohhhh… like the new J. Herbin Gris Nuage I just got for my new, and disappointingly cheap with so-so writing J. Herbin rollerball pen).
Great pen at this price range. I prefer it to my two Lamys because it’s smaller and lighter. I am going to get two more (two in different colored inks and one to keep in my bag). I am going to investigate a converter and some kaweco bottled ink for one or two of the new ones. This one will continue to be a cartridge pen.
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