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Updated review from Voltv/Gstr...
August 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
Updated review from Voltv/Gstrikedragon

Kaimei Lettering Sol. Don't let the name fool you haha, it's not just an ink to do calligraphy with, this is a really good ink to outline and beta your manga in! This ink is all around very good, and why is it the case? Let's find out.

Fresh out of the bottle, the ink dries to a matte finish, but after a few uses, I noticed that it dries to a semi matte, partial glossy finish. However, what makes this ink great is the fact that it is waterproof. Yes! You read it! WATERPROOF!!! A few brush strokes over a line will not cause it to fade or runaway(but excessive and hard brushstroking will cause it to run a little and damage the paper). However b/c of it's very strong waterproof property, it is suitable for watercolor/colored ink drawings(goes well with Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay India Inks!). However, b/c it is strongly waterproof, where one property exceeds, another property also has to suffer and that is it's resistance to alcohol. DO NOT USE COPICS WITH THIS INK!!! Otherwise scan your image done with this ink and color that copy with Copics(^__^). Also as a final note, unlike IC Comic Ink and Kuretake Manga Black-both which are also waterproof and seem to have a stronger property than this ink, this ink keeps a longer flow compared to those inks. However, despite having a flow that's a little longer than those inks, it also dries at a satisfying, quick pace-and not at a super fast pace that would cause the ink to dry faster on the nib than on the paper! I highly recommend this ink for anyone who wants a waterproof outline/beta as as well as an ink that works well with watercolors/colored inks, but NEVER USE this ink with Copics! In closing, this is one of the best inks out there available for manga use!!!

Trivia: Takehiko Inoue of Slam Dunk and Vagabond fame uses this as his ink of choice.
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I was skeptical that...
April 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was skeptical that the Kaimei Lettering Pen Ink wouldn't be any different than some of the other Manga and shellac based india inks out there which are too thick to flow correctly from nibs and are a pain to clean. Not the case with this ink. It has great flow, produces crisp, dark thick and thin lines without much stalling and it cleans like a charm. One tip to improve the flow is to add a bit (10-15 drops) of some distilled water to the bottle, to make it perform even better and without losing hardly any darkness. I hope JetPens continues to supply this ink.
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Kaimei Lettering Sol Pros:...
April 3, 2011
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Kaimei Lettering Sol

Pros: Fluid ink, Waterproof!!! (Strongly waterproof), Matte finish, can hold a longer flow compared to Kuretake Manga ink. Spreads well and dries fast(not as fast as Kuretake's but this ink has an advantage for keeping a longer flow.) My ink of choice(1st in my book, then Kuretake manga black)!
Cons: Aside from being my ink of choice, it does come in a very small bottle, which Kuretake takes 1st place in this category.

Other than that, this is a great ink for those who want to work with a waterproof ink that flows very well and doesn't dry too fast!

Strongly recommend using this ink(and Kuretake's) for colored ink drawings!!!
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Very waterproof and good...
August 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
Very waterproof and good for water-coloring drawings and that's the type of ink you want when it comes to watercoloring art,which at times can be very hard to find a really good waterproof ink. I am very satisfied with this product :)
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The ink is thicker than...
August 19, 2016
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The ink is thicker than expected, but its a very opaque and nicely well made ink for my calligraphy pen.
It's waterproof. It's...
August 18, 2016
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It's waterproof. It's very shiny. It dries rather quickly, and gets gunky easy on the nib so that you have to clean often.
Jet Black!...
March 11, 2016
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Jet Black!
I love this more than...
October 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this more than the Deleter 4 (my previous favorite)! The packaging is airtight enough to keep the ink from drying up, and there seems to be a great value for the price. Once it drys it's pretty much copic-proof, so I don't have to color so gingerly in fear of smudging.
I love this ink. I've...
October 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this ink. I've used a number of different kinds over the years, but this one is my new favorite. I use it with a WN Series 7 brush to ink comics, and it is smooth and lusciously dark. The bottle's small, flat shape keeps it from spilling, which is nice. It also does a decent job with ink washes, though it looks better with the matte black.
I've been using this...
July 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
I've been using this ink for over a year thanks to JetPens and it's a 5/5 stars to me! It's not that thick and it's not that watery, it has the perfect blend of consistency and it holds really well on the nib while drawing. Use it in combination with a thick/smooth paper and you're good to go in drawing comics/manga. It can bleed a little in thin/average paper so I recommend using this ink only on smooth kinda thick surfaces. I recommend hot press watercolor paper or manga paper wich is also available here on JetPens. Another positive thing about this ink is just how well it holds watercolors or any kind liquids. It's 100% waterproof and I love it. I've been testing it drawing all kinds of watercolor illustrations with this ink and I've had zero issues so far! The matte finish of this ink gives it a more professional look to your illustrations so that is also another 1+ for this ink.

Overall It's an awesome ink and I totally recommend it.

Also this was the ink Hayao Miyazaki used when he drew the manga of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind!

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