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May 25, 2011
Update from voltv! Give...
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Update from voltv!
Give this ink a longer time to dry and the water resistence will show! Not strongly waterproof but a personal test I did showed that it is usable for colored ink and water color drawings. But marker resistence wise it is still a little weak but is still compatible with Copic Sketch.

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April 11, 2011
Kaimei Manga Ink Pros:...
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Kaimei Manga Ink

Pros: It's a decent ink, nothing special. It is resistant to Copic sketch, but only to the brush tip of the markers and not the chisel. It flows well and is a decent black color. Slightly water resistant, the outlines still remain intact but I will mention this in cons.
Cons: This is probably the weakest ink I've tried in terms of alcohol and marker resistance. As I've mentioned before, this ink is suitable to use with Copic Markers, but only if you use Ciao or Sketch. The brush tip cooperates with the dried ink, but the chisel tip will smudge and abuse the lines. Also the water resistance isn't that great. Even though the lines remain intact, it tends to mix with the dried ink if gone over more than once with a brush. As the package reads Manga Bokuju(meaning India/China or Sumi Ink) in Japanese, this ink is the "offspring" of Sumi Ink and Specialty Comic/Lettering Ink, thus having the traits of both, but not to its best advantage.

Final note: Be careful when working with water and alcohol markers with this ink. The ink is decent and a passable one from Kaimei. Good for beginners who don't want an ink that dries too fast. But I'd rather stick to Sumi Ink for Copics and Waterproof inks for colored ink/watercolor drawings.

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January 25, 2011
its nice. dries in about...
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its nice. dries in about 15 seconds for an average width line. dark and smooth and works fine. average.

October 21, 2010
I wish that you all would...
I wish that you all would restoke soon... please!