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September 9, 2012
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I purchased this pen based purely on aesthetics. On the website, this pen has a most beautiful red hue without being flashy and I was most anxious to try a fountain pen with an "extra fine" nib. I must say, I am very disappointed in this pen. Packaging aside (it came in a retro style tin canister), I cannot recommend this fountain pen.

I am a lover of all things related to fountain pens; bottled ink, a fine nib and when appropriate ink cartridges but the Kaweco Allrounder Fountain pen broke the spell! The nib is very scratchy on paper and I tried various mediums to test delivery. Even on my fine journaling paper, this knib was scratchy and did not deliver ink flow, no matter how the pen was held. I purchased J. Herbin's Limited Edition Red ink to use with my pen and delivery of ink was poor to non-existent. I switched out to the ink cartridge that came with this pen to see if flow or nib feel would improve and I must say there was absolutely no difference. Now, by comparison, I also purchased an inexpensive sailor extra fine nib fountain pen and would you believe I popped in the cartridge and away it went. This cheaper pen's nib felt far less scratchy, performed without a glitch and so far so good!

I love the look, weight and feel of the Kaweco Allrounder fountain pen, but as for performance, I cannot recommend it. I may simply have gotten that one rotten apple in the bunch but all it takes is that one to ruin it!
I may simply purchase a replacement nib and see if there is a difference in performance but for the price of this pen, I should not have to do this. :-(
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