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Summary: Looks great...
October 4, 2013
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Summary: Looks great and writes well, but has durability problems.

I bought the Allrounder because I enjoyed writing with the Sport but wanted something larger and heavier. The Allrounder is a beautiful pen (I received many comments on it) and it writes well, so I started using it as my go-to pen at work. However, I ran into some problems. After three months, the nib clogged, and no amount of cleaning could restore smooth ink flow. Fortunately, replacement nibs are inexpensive, so I was soon back in business. However, a mere six months into ownership the plastic threads on the inside of the cap broke. Now the cap won't stay on and it's a liability to carry the pen. I'm now looking for another brand--I like the Allrounder but the price is too high for durability problems.
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