Kaweco Calligraphy Fountain Pen Replacement Nib - 1.1 mm - Black Body

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Replacement black 1.1 mm calligraphy nib for the Kaweco Sport fountain pen. Also fits the Classic, Chess, and Ice models.
Model NumberKAWECO 20000564
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This item: Kaweco Calligraphy Fountain Pen Replacement Nib - 1.1 mm - Black Body - $11.25

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Customer Reviews

The 1.1 mm nib adds an...
May 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
The 1.1 mm nib adds an extra dimension to my writing and is a terrific accessory for my Kaweco Sport fountain pen. Although the nib is un-plated steel and doesn't match the gold-plated trim of my black Sport pen, the 1.1 mm nib unit and section threaded onto the barrel correctly and the black plastic section matched the barrel..

I first tried the 1.1 mm nib with a Diamine blue-black cartridge and ink flow started in seconds, the nib was smooth, and the flow was wet. Perfect!

If you wanted to use this nib unit with another color Kaweco Sport, the nib and feed can be pulled out of the black, threaded section fairly easily. The feed and nib are a correct match in size and length for current-production Kaweco Sport fountain pens. A quick check may be accomplished by comparing the bottom of the feeds. If they match, there's a good chance this nib and feed will interchange with the one in your pen. The feeds have a type of registration edge to help align the feed and nib when changing them. Sometimes, a twisting, back and forth motion, while pulling out, helps when removing the nib and feed from a section. A little vegetable-based silicone lubricant on the top, back end of the nib can help when sliding in the nib and feed into the section. Just don't get any lubricant on the feed itself since it can inhibit ink flow.

Thanks to JetPens for providing such a terrific, handy replacement/accessory part.
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The nib itself is more...
November 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
The nib itself is more of a stub than an italic, somewhere between a stub and cursive italic. It's a bit more stub like than the TWSBI 1.1 nib. It's not just the nib/feed assembly, but also includes the sleeve the nib/feed assembly fits into. I. e., it's the entire bottom of the pen. It screws into the barrel. The nib is very smooth. The feed needed to be seated a bit more tightly in order to restrict the ink flow, but after that it produced acceptable line width variation rather than a line of ink with a visible meniscus.

All in all I like it. Eventually I'll pull the nib/feed assembly out and install it in the OEM part. Because I have a green Ice Sport I'm used to seeing the green sleeve. I would have preferred to receive only the nib/feed assembly, but that's probably the way Kaweco ships these. It's not hard to take apart. I'm happy to have a pocket pen with a "calligraphy" nib.
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Switching to this nib...
December 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
Switching to this nib changed my Kaweco Aluminum pen from a good pen to my "go to Pen!" My Kaweco writes wetter and I love it!
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I love Kaweco nibs and...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love Kaweco nibs and this italic is nice and smooth. The price is excellent. Highly recommended.
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Three stars because it's...
February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
Three stars because it's a good nib and it works great. Only three stars because of the puzzling decision to sell this thing as part of an unnecessarily large unit. Here's the thing: the Kaweco nibs can be removed from the feed and grip very easily. I'm very timid about pulling out nibs, but this is one pen where it's clearly meant to be done. So, Kaweco could just sell the replacement nib, without making you buy a new feed and grip section. What's more, who wants to put a black grip section on a burgundy or clear Sport? I wanted a stub nib on a Kaweco, so I plunked down $11 for this rig. I should have been able to pay, say, $6 for an italic nib, shipped in the same plastic vial and without the extra feed and grip.