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The Kaweco is terrifici!...
February 20, 2010
The Kaweco is terrifici! What a surprise in a small package! I own this pen with a fine nib and just ordered one with the medium nib. The ink flow is smooth and consistent; the steel nib is well-made and mine was adjusted properly.
Someone complained about an ink flow problem in another Kaweco review, but I have had no problem with mine. I would suggest that if a new pen doesn't write properly to contact JetPens and request an exchange. If the tines are too close, ink flow will be inhibited--especially if the tips are touching. There should be a slight space between the tines for capillary action to work properly. These little pens are mass-produced so there is always a chance an error can occur. Don't damn the entire production because of a few mistakes. When manufactured properly, these little Kawecos are excellent for the money. A suggestion for JetPens: stock the Kaweco Sport with fine nibs, also. Cheers!
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