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Yep, the Kaweco Sport...
June 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
Yep, the Kaweco Sport (EF nib) is a winner, as far as I'm concerned, and I'll be buying another in a different colour. I initially had two trepidations: a) There DOESN'T seem to be a converter available for the Kaweco Sport, so you must use Kaweco's own (or other "International Short") ink cartridges (no bottled ink) and b) my usual concerns about what a particular manufacturer considers "Extra Fine" compared to "Fine." OK, I heard that others have made an "eyedropper" out of the Kaweco by "greasing up" the threads with silicone grease so you can fill the BARREL with ink. I'm perfectly happy using J. Herbin cartridges--"Perle Noire" for black and "Eclat de Saphir" for blue. Coupla my favorite "bottle" inks that happen to also be available in short cartridges. My problem with nib widths is a common one: that what one manufacturer calls "extra fine" is closer to "fine" (or even "medium"). The EF nib that came with my Kaweco *IS* an extra-fine. It writes smoothly (*not* dry, at least not with J. Herbin ink), first time, every time. No skipping, no scratchiness. I did NO "preparation" of the new pen. Snap in the cartridge, give it a couple of shakes, and start writing.

I bought mine with a pocket clip (another $3), but this puppy is SO short, you'll be tempted to just carry it in your pants pocket. The cap SCREWS ON, so there's no danger of it coming off if you just throw this little guy into your backpack or pocket. It's comfy writing without the cap posted, but WITH the cap posted (so you won't misplace it), it's still shorter than your average FP.

Terrific pen, worth every bit of the price. Definitely want another.
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This is the first fountain...
December 9, 2012
This is the first fountain pen I have ever purchased and it is truly a workhorse. Rarely, if ever, skips. I would order this pen again and again. Additionally, I am a lefty and was always told I'd never write with a fountain pen....and because of my experience with this pen, I now have a twsbi540, and have a namiki falcon resin on order along with a few others that I am excited to try out.

Also, the shipping from here was ULTRA fast.
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Purchased this pen about...
February 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
Purchased this pen about 2 weeks ago and I can say "I Like It". Its definitely smaller than I expected and its casing in all PLASTIC! The description of the pen probably mentioned this fact however I missed it. So be aware its very lite due to the plastic body. Extra Fine NIB is the way to go...writes beautifully.
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I purchased my Kaweco...
June 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
I purchased my Kaweco Classic Sport a few months ago, and I really like the nib and the way to ink flows. This extra fine nib is worthy of the name. But I hardly use the pen because it’s so small and so unbalanced for me. I have large hands and though I use 50 lb. dumbbells, my writing grip is from learning to write with a technical pen in elementary school. A loose grip was the only way to make the writing look smooth and I have a very loose grip on the pen when I write. The barrel of my Kaweco Sport weighs 6 grams, while the cap and clip weigh 7. The pen barrel is too short for me to use without the cap, but the cap throws the center of gravity out to the web of my hand. My pen only touches the web of my hand when writing is paused. For long writing sessions, I want the center of gravity near my middle finger.

The line weight is only slightly thicker than the Tachikawa Linemarker A.T Sketch Pen in 0.3 mm (my current favorite Jet Pen), but the Tachikawa’s cartridges are only available in black.

If your grip is enough different from mine that the balance doesn't bother you, then this is the pen for you. This is an otherwise excellent pen.
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Good pen, I've had one...
October 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
Good pen, I've had one or two issues with it, I'll have consistent flow for awhile and then have a little bit of trouble till I squeeze the cartridge. Also I wish the cartridge's didn't fit so loosely, at one point the cartridges freed up inside the barrel. All in all though I love this pen and reccomend it to anyone looking for a good fountain pen that's very portable, and unique.
Great value: these pens...
August 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great value: these pens have very smooth nibs that do not skip. They are plastic and very light but that is what makes them portable and convenient.
Like all Kaweco Sport...
July 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Like all Kaweco Sport pens, this one is a winner! I got the black-colored nib to trade out, so I could have an all-black pen that wasn't a Lamy Safari, so it could fit in my pocket. Now if only Kaweco would offer a black clip..
I was very pleased with...
April 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
I was very pleased with the pen and the EF nib. Especially liked the fast service.
I received my Kaweco...
March 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
I received my Kaweco Classic Sport yesterday and I have been using it extensively today. I have numerous fountain pens, cartridge fill, lever fill and dip. The first thing I noticed is that this pen wrote well and consistently from the instant the ink began to flow. The reason I mentioned the number of pens I have is that old or new, cheap or pricey, this is one of the best writing pens I have owned. There is zero roughness in the nib, ink flow is regular and appropriate for an extra fine, and the clip (purchased separately) fits well and stays in place. I am pleased with both the pen and the Jet Pen Co. My pen was priced very competitively, properly described, shipped for free and arrived on time, well packaged. I will undoubtedly recommend both the Kaweco Brand and the Jet Pen co.
Wow! Probably one of...
December 8, 2014
Verified Purchase
Wow! Probably one of my smoothest nibs, and it's an extra fine. I have pens that cost over 10 times as much that don't write this nice. Didn't like the pen when I first saw it, but it grew on me over time. Now my second favorite. The nib is pure perfection. Even though it is an extra fine it is smooth as butter but still provides thr appropriate feel and has a very long uncapped time before it dries. A must for anyone who collects fountain pens or just needs an excellent workhorse. High price does not always mean high quality. I'd put the writing quality "write" up there with my Lamy Dialog 3! (Minus the Dialog's flex, of course.) Pair it with a matching clip and boom- you may just have your new favorite EDC (everyday carry)!
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