Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Blue Body

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Blue Body

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The sporty and compact look of these fountain pens transcend fashion time and are just as attractive today as they were when they were first created years ago. Each pen is made of high-quality, colorful plastic and is compact when capped (approx. 4.1 inches long), but very comfortable when posted (5.3 inches long). Thus the Kaweco slogan "Small in the pocket, great in the hand".

Each pen features a screw-on cap for extra security and a gold plated stainless steel nib with an iridium tip. The Germany-made pens reveal a Kaweco metal logo on the top of the cap.

One blue short international ink cartridge is included. The cartridge comes inside the barrel of the pen. If the cartridge seems to be stuck inside the barrel, try gently tapping the barrel against a hard surface a few times to dislodge it.

Model NumberKAWECO 10000026
Weight0.4 ounces
Body Color Dark Blue
Body Material Plastic
Capped or Retractable Capped - Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes - Clip Sold Separately
Converter Included No
Design Style Beginner-Friendly, Mini
Diameter - Grip 11.0 mm
Diameter - Max 11.1 mm
Filling Mechanism Cartridge - Standard International, Converter
Grip Color Dark Blue
Grip Material Plastic
Length - Capped 10.6 cm
Length - Posted 13.4 cm
Length - Uncapped 10.0 cm
Nib Color Gold
Nib Material Steel
Nib Size Extra Fine
Pre-Installed Ink Color Blue
Tip Length 16.3 mm
Q: The ink cartridges I ordered for the Kaweco Sport fountain pen seem too long and won't fit inside. Why is that?
There is an included cartridge inside the pen, which can become lodged inside the barrel of the pen. Please try gently tapping the barrel against a table or other hard surface a few times to get the stuck cartridge out.

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This is a terrific little...
June 3, 2012
This is a terrific little pen for students and people who want a fountain pen they can take with them. Because this little Sport is the plastic model, I am a bit hesitant to carry it around in my jeans pocket or let it rattle around in the bottom of a book bag. However, I find the EF nib to be very smooth and has just the right flow of ink for all sorts of paper--even cheap American binder paper. It even writes nicely on tracing paper without scratching. I use fountain pens because I have arthritis, and writing with this light little Sport is effortlessly smooth. Once the cap is properly posted, it feels substantially long enough with a good girth, but not heavy like the very expensive pens. The octagonal shape keeps it from rolling off the desk whether the cap is on or posted.
If I had to mention any drawbacks, I would have to say that first, the barrel only has room for the cartridge you are using. Many other pens have room for a cartridge and a spare, so if you are planning to write all day, you have to carry a spare. Not a big deal, because the cartridges last a long time. My second comment is that the cap takes more than a few turns to screw on and off. So it makes the Sport less like a jotting pen. But once you have the cap posted, you can write for page after page with no effort. I have written four or five pages at a sitting and felt no cramping or pain in my hand. This makes it ideal for taking notes at a lecture or for when the Muses strike.
One last comment--I love the deep blue color with the bright gold accent of the nib and on the cap.
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This is a good fountain...
September 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a good fountain pen, although it appeared larger to me in the photos. It's actually quite compact, although I don't think it's too small. The EF Kawecos write slightly broader than EF Lamys, in my opinion, but the Kaweco feels smoother. I would have given this a 5 if the dimensions were a bit larger. The pen itself looks great in person. If I could buy this again I think I would get the fine or medium nib, as there's nothing special about this EF nib.
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Easily one of my favorite...
August 11, 2015
Verified Purchase
Easily one of my favorite EDC's, I have the Kaweco Sport in multiple colors for multiple inks. Nib size in an F or EF is perfect for writing (not necessarily sketching). A classy thing to pull out for note-taking or heavy correspondence.
My only issue is with the availability of ink converters. I haven't found one that works, luckily the Kaweco ink is lovely, as well as the wide variety of colors in the standard international short cartridge size.