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June 3, 2012
This is a terrific little...
This is a terrific little pen for students and people who want a fountain pen they can take with them. Because this little Sport is the plastic model, I am a bit hesitant to carry it around in my jeans pocket or let it rattle around in the bottom of a book bag. However, I find the EF nib to be very smooth and has just the right flow of ink for all sorts of paper--even cheap American binder paper. It even writes nicely on tracing paper without scratching. I use fountain pens because I have arthritis, and writing with this light little Sport is effortlessly smooth. Once the cap is properly posted, it feels substantially long enough with a good girth, but not heavy like the very expensive pens. The octagonal shape keeps it from rolling off the desk whether the cap is on or posted.
If I had to mention any drawbacks, I would have to say that first, the barrel only has room for the cartridge you are using. Many other pens have room for a cartridge and a spare, so if you are planning to write all day, you have to carry a spare. Not a big deal, because the cartridges last a long time. My second comment is that the cap takes more than a few turns to screw on and off. So it makes the Sport less like a jotting pen. But once you have the cap posted, you can write for page after page with no effort. I have written four or five pages at a sitting and felt no cramping or pain in my hand. This makes it ideal for taking notes at a lecture or for when the Muses strike.
One last comment--I love the deep blue color with the bright gold accent of the nib and on the cap.

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September 22, 2011
This is a good fountain...
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This is a good fountain pen, although it appeared larger to me in the photos. It's actually quite compact, although I don't think it's too small. The EF Kawecos write slightly broader than EF Lamys, in my opinion, but the Kaweco feels smoother. I would have given this a 5 if the dimensions were a bit larger. The pen itself looks great in person. If I could buy this again I think I would get the fine or medium nib, as there's nothing special about this EF nib.

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