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6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  I bought this pen to..., January 12, 2012
I bought this pen to carry when I'm riding my motorcycle. Keep it either in my jacket pocket or pants pocket.

It always writes the first time, no matter if it has stayed in the jacket for weeks. And, I've found that by replacing the cartridge by making it an "eyedropper," just putting a little silicone grease on the barrel and filling the barrel with ink...I carry the Bad Black Moccassin ink in it....waterproof, that I have the perfect carry pen.

It's a known fact that when you go to sign the gas receipt at a service station, or use the pen they give you at the Post Office, or Bank, that you are picking up one of the most germ laden devices for spreading disease!

Therefore, you should ALWAYS carry your OWN pen.....and when the check comes at a restaurant and they hand you a BIC, just pull out your Kaweco, and watch them gaze in awe as if you pulled a rabbit out of a hat!
6 out of 6 people found the following review helpful
  This is my second Kaweco..., August 27, 2011
By bdu...
This is my second Kaweco Sport. The first, which I purchased for college in the 60's, a piston filler with a gold nib,
was made of "destructible plastic." The plastic on the new one is much better. The fine nib writes puts down a nice line is
is relatively smooth. If you buy the pen, watch the Jetpens video on installing the first cartridge; it contains a useful
tip. I'm very happy I found the Jetpens site.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  One of the best under..., April 14, 2011
One of the best under $20 fountain pen purchase I have made from JetPens. The size is small when closed and in the pocket. Make sure you purchase a clip if you want it to settle in a bag or pocket so it will never reach the bottom on it's own (total length closed with cap is just near 4.25"). The nib is smooth, clean, no issues and writes a near 0.6 line. I currently use the Kaweco ink cartridges which do not bleed and dry quickly (I am a lefty). This is a great gift for a non-fountain pen user as well as a good purchase for a pen lover. My next purchase is the metallic model at the $70 range, knowing what to expect the larger price range is less of a gamble.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  A pretty good user pen..., October 26, 2010
By bdu...
A pretty good user pen for the $, I got it with the clip as well. It writes a pretty true fine line maybe even a little closer to a extra fine than medium. I did have to tweek the nib a bit to align the tines, they seemed a bit out of place. Once they were aligned it is a pretty smooth with some pleasant feedback. The flow is dry, but I have only tried it with a cartridge of anonymous ink, I think it would work better with one of my PR inks. Its pretty tough too, the plastic has already survived a 3 foot fall, plus the threading kept the cap pretty secure so no complaints there. All in all a pretty good notes pen.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  This is my standby always-in-m..., November 16, 2011
This is my standby always-in-my-pocket fountain pen. The writing is consistent, the case is durable, and its size makes it perfect for this purpose.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I had this pen for about..., July 16, 2011
By jor...
I had this pen for about a month. I liked it at the old $, but at the new price I don\'t think I\'d buy it again.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I've had this pen about..., January 14, 2013
By seth
I've had this pen about three days and so far I'm disappointed.

While I like the look and feel of this pen, the ink flow is awful. If you pause between words too long it dries up for a bit. You have to go back and redo it before the ink flow starts flowing again.

Like a previous reviewer stated, I bent the nib a bit but that didn't help at all. it still stutters when I try and use it.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I love the compact size,..., July 14, 2012
I love the compact size, portability, and ease of carry of this pen. The only drawback I have is that the pen is horribly inconsistent with ink flow. Even a medium nib in the same model gave me the same issue - very dry writer, non-starting, and if you pause in between words while writing it forget it.

I finally ran into someone more versed in fountain pen use than I and he recommended bending the nib away from the support piece underneath it. That helped somewhat. He said an entry level pen like this shouldn't need an adjustment out of the box. These issues are using the manufacturers own ink by the way.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Contrary to the other..., April 15, 2012
By klio
Contrary to the other reviews, I'm having a terrible experience with this pen. I've cleaned it, changed inks, and it still writes "dry" to the point of not writing at all unless I scribble a bit with it to get it started--not only every time I uncap it, but sometimes every time I pause a bit to move down to the next line. I purchased it as a gift, and I'm glad I decided to load the cartridge and check it out before giving it.

I'll give it one more try with the wettest inks I have before I declare it completely defective, but after fussing with it for two days, I'm not sure it's worth spending a lot more time on this pen.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  The Kaweco Sport is a..., January 21, 2013
The Kaweco Sport is a fantastic purchase for the price. I've recently been given the black, fine version for Christmas and it has become my favorite fountain pen thus far. The fine nib is slightly larger than a Lamy Safari Extra Fine nib.

Writing on Kokuyo Campus notebooks with Sailor black ink, this pen glides like a dream. The fine nib has a smooth, modestly heavy flow. Coupled with the body size and flow of the nib, this pen is a delight to take notes with.

I highly advise that you do research in making this pen an eye-dropper conversion. I immediately converted my pen into an eyedropper with a little silicone grease that I picked up at Home Depot. So far I've had no spills in my pocket, however, pressure changes due to temperature change can cause the pen nib to bleed. I have no problem with this since the top is a screw on and the amount of money you save from the conversion makes it well worth it.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Excellent pens! I have..., June 15, 2012
By chr...
Excellent pens! I have two of these pens in 2 different nib size and they are both absolutely perfect. Light, well balanced, regular ink flow, smooth...I have an "italic handwriting", I write very fast and I admit that I can be quite aggressive on the nibs, but so far these pens just hold it very well!
  I got this Kaweco Classic..., September 26, 2014
By han...
I got this Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain pen in the blue body and I absolutely love it! I'm new to fountain pens and the only fountain pen I had was a cheap, crappy Zebra pen, and an Ohto F-Lapa pen, which was too scratchy for my taste (I have gotten used to the pen though.) Anyway, I wanted to test the waters and try this pen out. When I was searching for fountain pens to buy, my first instinct was to buy this one. What attracted me was the fact that it's made in Germany and it seemed like a decent size for my small hands. Also, I've been reading the reviews here on jetpens and how this pen is really good for left-handed people. I'm a leftie, and I've been debating whether Kaweco or Lamy, but decided on this brand because I had an instinct about it. Anyway, I was write. This pen writes beautifully and the thing I love about it is that the nib is smooth and it doesn't scratch. Sometimes it will scratch slightly, but you barely notice it. It's a lovely pen and it writes all kinds of paper. Jetpens always does an amazing job on shipping, which I really like and it comes here as quickly as putting your order in. IT's amazing, definitely recommend. I'm a happy customer!! Kaweco for lifeee!
  Kaweco are excellent..., April 23, 2014
Kaweco are excellent pen the best i have in terms of ink fluidity and smoothness on paper, i have 6 of them.
I received the pen black glossy Kaweco with few very apparent scratches on it, i was lazy to send it back.
Now it's full of scratches since i leave it my pocket and my pencil case, this is due to the glossy coating.
So i would advice you to buy it in matte coating instead if you always have to carry it away unless you wear jacket in a daily basis but where it's really hot where i live so i'm most of time i'm wearing Tshirt... Anyway Kaweco is a no-brainer buy.
  I bought this pen a while..., August 15, 2013
By duc...
I bought this pen a while back, and I liked it fine, used it every day. It wasn't a perfect writer, but good for the price. I then managed to misplace it. I appreciated the size and value, so I ordered a replacement. The new pen wrote perfectly out of the box, smooth, instant starter, consistent line, never skipped. It is my daily carry now, with J. Herbin Violette Pensee cartridges, and it proves itself as my favorite pen every day, through heavy usage.

Then I found my first pen. I did a comparison test between the two, same ink, same paper. I couldn't believe how good the second nib was compared to the first, which now seems scratchy and skippy. The newer one is just perfect. So there seems to be a bit of a luck-of-the-draw problem with the nibs, not unexpected in such a low-cost pen. But if you get a good nib, it should become a favorite daily writer.
  Like many others, I like..., August 1, 2013
Like many others, I like the size of the pen, and when it is writing, it is nice. *However* many times the nib is a very hard starter and ink flow is quite dry.
  Very smooth writing right..., June 29, 2013
Very smooth writing right out of the box. Ink flowed immediately with no skips. This can easily be my favorite "daily carry" pen for general use.
  I like the small size..., May 8, 2013
I like the small size and design of this pen. I especially like that the cap overlaps the grip section/barrel joint, giving it extra strength for carrying the pen in a jeans pocket. But, the nib doesn't like smooth papers, such as the Miquel Rius flexible journal. On that paper, it starts slow and skips often. Worse, after one month, and on it's second Kaweco cartridge, the pen developed a leak around the seal. Ink leaks into both the barrel and the grip section. I'm glad I got the clear version, so I could see the ink in the barrel and avoid a spill on my desk before I disassembled the pen.