Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Blue Body

Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Blue Body

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The sporty and compact look of these fountain pens transcend fashion time and are just as attractive today as they were when they were first created years ago. Each pen is made of high-quality, colorful plastic and is compact when capped (approx. 4.1 inches long), but very comfortable when posted (5.3 inches long). Thus the Kaweco slogan "Small in the pocket, great in the hand".

Each pen features a screw-on cap for extra security and a 23 KT gold plated stainless steel nib with an iridium tip. The Germany-made pens reveal a Kaweco metal logo on the top of the cap.

One blue short international ink cartridge is included. The cartridge comes inside the barrel of the pen. If the cartridge seems to be stuck inside the barrel, try gently tapping the barrel against a hard surface a few times to dislodge it.

Model NumberKAWECO 10000005
Weight0.4 ounces
Body Color Dark Blue
Body Material Plastic
Capped or Retractable Capped - Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Clippable Yes - Clip Sold Separately
Converter Included No
Design Style Beginner-Friendly, Mini
Diameter - Grip 11.0 mm
Diameter - Max 11.1 mm
Filling Mechanism Cartridge - Standard International, Converter
Grip Color Dark Blue
Grip Material Plastic
Length - Capped 10.6 cm
Length - Posted 13.4 cm
Length - Uncapped 10.0 cm
Nib Color Gold
Nib Material Steel
Nib Size Fine
Pre-Installed Ink Color Blue
Tip Length 16.3 mm
Q: The ink cartridges I ordered for the Kaweco Sport fountain pen seem too long and won't fit inside. Why is that?
There is an included cartridge inside the pen, which can become lodged inside the barrel of the pen. Please try gently tapping the barrel against a table or other hard surface a few times to get the stuck cartridge out.

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This is my favorite fountain...
February 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is my favorite fountain pen for daily use. I have lots of Lamy Safari's, a bunch of vintage flex nibs, some Parkers, some Sheaffers and some little-known off-brands too.
I just love this pen. From the weight, to the color, to the size to the nib. I just truly adore it.

I am trying to order several more but JetPens is constantly sold out so that must mean others love this pen too!
3 people found this helpful
This fountain pen writes...
January 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
This fountain pen writes like a ball point pen, no leaks so far, no ink "stutters", and is easier to write with then I thought with being so small. Is now my daily go through since it does not bleed through my moleskine Planner, and is a pleasure to write with.
1 person found this helpful
My very first fountain...
May 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
My very first fountain pen and no regrets at all! This pen writes effortlessly and never skips, it also feels nonexistent in my pocket but yet withstands being knocked around a good bit. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good quality fountain pen that's inexpensive yet reliable.
What a nifty little pen!...
January 14, 2014
What a nifty little pen! I've been a fountain pen user for many years but had never heard of Kaweco until I came across the name on this site. I'm always looking for inexpensive but hardy fountain pens suitable for taking along when travelling so I bought a Classic Sport to try out, and was very pleased with it. It really is a compact pen, especially when capped, but not so small that it's awkward in the hand (and I don't have small hands so that's important). It would, however, be way too small for anyone to use unposted. It's also very lightweight, so even when clipped to a shirt pocket (I also purchased a clip) it doesn't weigh the pocket down as some pens do. I can toss it in a shoulder bag and forget about it until I need it.

As you might expect from a German-made product, the nib writes smoothly and dependably, and I even like the nib's decorative scrollwork. The entire pen is somewhat unusual in shape, so it's distinctive although inexpensive.

Although I do own and appreciate more expensive pens, I'm always thrilled to find inexpensive models that look nice and work well--in fact, some of the cheaper pens perform better than many higher-end models! The Kaweco Classic Sport is definitely in that category and I'm glad I discovered it.