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February 22, 2011
This is my favorite fountain...
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This is my favorite fountain pen for daily use. I have lots of Lamy Safari's, a bunch of vintage flex nibs, some Parkers, some Sheaffers and some little-known off-brands too.
I just love this pen. From the weight, to the color, to the size to the nib. I just truly adore it.

I am trying to order several more but JetPens is constantly sold out so that must mean others love this pen too!

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January 14, 2014
What a nifty little pen!...
What a nifty little pen! I've been a fountain pen user for many years but had never heard of Kaweco until I came across the name on this site. I'm always looking for inexpensive but hardy fountain pens suitable for taking along when travelling so I bought a Classic Sport to try out, and was very pleased with it. It really is a compact pen, especially when capped, but not so small that it's awkward in the hand (and I don't have small hands so that's important). It would, however, be way too small for anyone to use unposted. It's also very lightweight, so even when clipped to a shirt pocket (I also purchased a clip) it doesn't weigh the pocket down as some pens do. I can toss it in a shoulder bag and forget about it until I need it.

As you might expect from a German-made product, the nib writes smoothly and dependably, and I even like the nib's decorative scrollwork. The entire pen is somewhat unusual in shape, so it's distinctive although inexpensive.

Although I do own and appreciate more expensive pens, I'm always thrilled to find inexpensive models that look nice and work well--in fact, some of the cheaper pens perform better than many higher-end models! The Kaweco Classic Sport is definitely in that category and I'm glad I discovered it.