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I absolutely LOVE this...
March 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
I absolutely LOVE this pen. I've tried many fountain pens in the past including the Ohto Tasche and the Lamy Vista Extra Fine, but this has come out superior. Ink flow is consistently smooth in almost every angle, which I didn't see with my Lamy. Even with its small body, it sits comfortably for hours of writing. The nib writes a little bigger than the EF Lamy, and smaller than the Tasche, but the ink flows better, making all my inks looking rich and dark, even after writing for a while.
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A truly wonderful fountain...
December 15, 2010
Verified Purchase
A truly wonderful fountain pen. The Kaweco Sport Classic - at only four inches long, capped - is a small and dainty pen that packs a punch. Although the size may be an issue for some people, I\'ve noticed that it\'s comfortable posted or unposted. The fine nib that runs true to size is smooth and buttery across paper, even cheap copy paper. Not only that, but the pen seems able to take some stress with a nice, even weight. Aesthetically, the pen is beautiful with a gold logo on the top and body of the cap, and a matching gold nib. It\'s truly beautiful, you can pick up many!
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Soooooo smooooooooth!...
April 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
Soooooo smooooooooth! Now I know what "smooth" means. It lays down a lot of ink, so it's not as fine as a Preppy or Tasche. On Rhodia paper, it's a dream.
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I\'m speechless. I got...
December 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
I\'m speechless. I got the silkiest, smoothest fountain pen I have ever owned. Its got a lovely fine tip and its outperformed my more expensive Waterman and Lamy pens. And it folds up into its compact size that fits in a pocket or bag with no issues.

I\'m a left-handed writer with a hook and the Kaweco pen glides, no matter what angle I hold it. I\'ve always had to fight to find the sweet spot with other fountain pens but not the Kaweco Sport Classic. Its a dream to use! Highly recommend!
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I love jetpens mostly...
February 21, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love jetpens mostly for the drafting pencils and boxy erasers, but I fell hard for this fountain pen and got one, lost it, and got another because I couldn't deal with the loss.

Is good. I use it for red pen. What fun!
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huey cobra
What attracted me to...
April 18, 2012
Verified Purchase
What attracted me to buy this pen was its unique design and size. I also thought the close up shots I've seen of the 'gold' nib to be quite pretty. I couldn't justify the extra cost for a EF nib so I just bought the F nib one.

First impressions of this pen is that it is so much smaller then I thought! :) That's not a bad thing to me, its actually just fine because its so cute! It's also crazy lightweight. In handling it, I came to the conclusion that this is a bit overpriced for a pen without a clip. (Much more overpriced if you buy one with an EF nib.)

The fine nib writes smoothly, but in comparing the Kaweco with my Lamy Vista, I'd say my Lamy wins in the smoothness department. I also wanted to note that after I used up the ink cartridge my pen came with, instead of throwing it out and buying a new one, I used an ink syringe to refill it (with my own bottled ink.)

~ Compact
~ Attractive pen
~ Lightweight (can be a downside to some people)
~ Can be used as an eyedropper (although I've read its not recommended)
~ Smooth nib

~ Overpriced
~ must buy clip seperately
~ Has a cheap feel to it

Overall, a great pen, never had any problems and despite the price I would recommend it.
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This pen writes beautifully,...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
This pen writes beautifully, but I have others that do that; it's not my most beautiful pen--it's a little odd, actually. But there's just something about it that makes me reach for it every time. It's the only pen I own that I would replace immediately with another copy if it were to be stepped on by accident. It makes me want to write. The value/cost ratio is very high indeed.
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I normally avoid fine...
January 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
I normally avoid fine nib pens, but this pen was so highly rated I thought I would give it a try. I am really impressed with the Kaweco fountain pens (I also have a medium sport classic). They are light and rather small, but the faceted cap keeps them in place on the desk (as another reviewer pointed out) and they are comfortable in my pocket. The only negative I've found is that full size waterman (international) refills won't fit in the short body, but the normal "half size" refills work great.

For a fine nib, this is about the same width as a pilot medium nib. The Kaweco is very smooth and these Classic sports are the best pen for the price I've seen. So far this pen has flowed smoothly across a wide range of paper types from Moleskin to loose leaf to Steno pad. Also a big buggaboo for me is starting. I'm left handed and a lot of high price pens fail to start flowing when I write my A's, T's, or S's. This pen, once inked starts flawlessly every time - something that is very important to me personally.

So I highly recommend this pen. If you've never tried, or avoided a fine tip pen before this is a great one to start with.
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It's beautiful! It's...
October 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
It's beautiful! It's smooth! It's classy and shiny and perfection all rolled into one hardy package.

It attracts attention when I write, because of its unusual shape when closed. I get a kick out of people going "whoa!" when I take off the cap and reveal the nib.

The only little thing that annoys me is the screw on/off cap, but that's because I'm impatient and like to write as soon as possible. Also, people who aren't used to screw caps nowadays tend to try to pull off and push on the cap when they use this pen, which causes for much confusion and explanation. I guess that's part of its old-fashioned appeal, heh.

Still, this pen is a winner through and through. Ink flow is smooth...like writing on a thin layer of cream with every line. It's completely converting me to a Kaweco pen, and I'm even thinking of buying a medium nib next (even though I don't like thick line pens)!
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This pen is so compact!...
September 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen is so compact! It's a joy to toss it in my bag or pocket and, since it screws shut, I don't worry about leaks. The design is simple and yet classic. I'm a mathematics professor and it is the perfect "red" pen for grading. It never stops or scratches the paper. The line is fine, and yet clear and easy to read. In fact, I have several of these and the urge to buy more... (and one that I lost, they are so easy to lose, be careful... the person who finds them will never give it back... why would they? it's the perfect pen!) I have black ink in my white pen and red in the black. Seeing them in my pencil case always make me smile and brings a little joy to my work.

It's a great value, buy two!
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