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May 23, 2013
This is a fun pen, and...
Verified Purchase
This is a fun pen, and the idea behind it is great. However: As another reviewer noted, it does tend to skip; in my case, this may be due to my almost-exclusive use of fountain pens (i.e., I have trouble with the more-vertical orientation required for ball pens, generally.). Also, the Kaweco Sport ink converter DOES NOT FIT, so, unless you're willing to refill international shorts with an eyedropper or grease up the threads to try a conversion, you'll not be able to use bottled ink. I've not had / used it long enough to say anything about life expectancy for the ball / 'nib' assembly just yet. I won't be using it every day, but I'm glad to add one to my collection.

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January 7, 2012
Bought this as a gift...
Verified Purchase
Bought this as a gift for someone who uses rollerballs, after having good experiences with the Sport fountain pens. I got to try it myself & find that, for smoothness, it can keep up with quality pens of either type. It seems to be getting hard to find affordable ballpoints that take cartridges, so this is a great way to give someone who's used to "normal" pens the opportunity to play with unusual ink colours. My only small criticism is that the inside of the cap has an insert of cloudy plastic (which is hard to see in the product photo) which makes it look a bit cheap compared to rest of the clear body: next time I'd probably go with black.

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October 16, 2014
Really a nice pocket...
Verified Purchase
Really a nice pocket pen. Light in the pocket, looks classy, and writes beautifully. The point is a little broad for my taste, but it writes so smoothly it doesn't matter. Uses international standard fountain pen cartridges for maximum choice of colors and easy refill access.