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Really love this little...
March 3, 2014
Verified Purchase
Really love this little guy! At a little over 4" long, you folks with large hands may have problems. I have a medium-sized male hand and it fits fine.

I like funky looking pens and this fits the bill. Most people would call it "cute" but it is distinctive.

This would be a great carry pen for your pocket or purse. It's very light and transportable.

It is a tad thick (14 mm), so for writing pages and pages it may be somewhat uncomfortable. But that's what I have my fountain pens for. For just jotting a few things down, making a list or writing a check it is perfectly fine.

I'd recommend getting the inexpensive nickel clip for it and also taking care of it. The plastic can get scratched up in a hurry but for some people that just adds extra "character".
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