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This pen is not exactly...
March 5, 2011
This pen is not exactly the most attractive thing.... but it writes well and fits the small standard cartridges which is nice. I don't think it's quite worth the price, but thats just because im not that fond of the clear plastic.
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Wow, where do I begin?...
November 18, 2015
Verified Purchase
Wow, where do I begin? I am so stoked about this pen. It's an amazing writing instrument; I had all but given up on using pens at all except for my legal signature because I cannot stand the way ballpoint, gel ink, felt-tip, etc. feel or write. I love the broad nib. It's slightly more broad than my writing when using my 0.9mm pencil, however it feels amazing to use - it's what writing *should* be. I've had this pen for a little over a week, and I'm stoked (oops, I already saw that!).

The pen is light and at first felt a little on the small-side, however it sits nicely in my briefcase with my 0.7mm Kerry Pencil from Pentel, and isn't too much shorter. I recommend getting the clip (I'm ordering one today), just to help keep track of the pen. It has not leaked, and the only issue I've had was of my own doing - I left the pen open on my notebook for an hour at work and when I tried to make a new note, the nib was a bit dry. As long as I re-cap it, it's fine and I haven't had any issue whatsoever. In fact, I want to buy a few more pens to keep around for use, because I cannot stand the idea of having to write with an inferior product such as a ballpoint or gel-ink pen.

I relate to feeling to Star Wars (or, A New Hope for you young'ns) where Obi Wan explains the light saber to Luke. This Kaweco Fountain Pen is a writing instrument from a more civilized age, not nearly as clumsy or random as a ballpoint or gel ink pen.
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