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A nice pen overall. I...
March 19, 2014
Verified Purchase
A nice pen overall. I got the fine nib. The shape is a bit different which was the reason I went for it. For those who are concerned that the threads are too close to the nib, rest assured that it does not interfere with the grip at anytime. The pen writes very well. But slightly on the dry side. The lack of the clip means that I carry it in my jeans. Over all a thumbs up. And yeah, I love the fact that it won't just roll over an fall down.
On my example the F nib...
February 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
On my example the F nib was a little hard to get started but was smooth once it was going. Does seem quite sensitive to the paper used – which is to be expected I think.

Re the comment in the reviews for the EF nib variant about plastic construction: this is incorrect, at least for my example. The section, cap & body are metal (looks to be brass with black finish). The section (which is threaded for the cap and body components) certainly does look and feel somewhat like textured plastic but if you scrape the finish off it is metal underneath (yes, I did actually do that and can confirm that the finish is very tough.). Owners should not therefor be worried about premature wear on the threads from a metal-plastic interface.

I like the styling: simple & distinctive, probably the strongest feature of this pen. I am finding the purity of the design becomes more appealing as I use the pen. It resembles the Lilliput in that regard.

I would have preferred a longer grip area in the section. When compared with the AL Sport design the grip area (textured concave part) is shorter and I found my grip include more of the cap threading than on the Sport. Slightly less comfortable but acceptable to me.

Value for money? It does seem expensive compared to the AL Sport but personally I find the pricing acceptable although definitely not a bargain.
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