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Utterly delightful little...
March 20, 2012
Utterly delightful little sketching tool! Ergonomics are always subjective, but the stubbiness puts the cap right in the web of my thumb, while the taper begins right where it should to anchor gently against the spring of flesh. I carry a couple of cheap twist-style lead pointers I bought at a local college bookstore drafting supply section to keep it sharp, but any non-rotary pointer should work. This is a decently chunky pencil, very solid-feeling (all metal, inside and out), though surprisingly lightweight. This is instantly a classic pocket pencil.
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WOW, lucky me, my son...
May 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
WOW, lucky me, my son (6 years old) has to use a special pencil at school to help with his grip, it requires 2mm lead. So I came to Jetpens to buy 2mm lead and while I was here, looked at a way to use the lead for myself since it made sense to order the lead in larger quantities, shipping blah blah, well I decided on this pencil and WOW!!

So its instantly my absolute favorite pencil for so many reasons, I do a LOT of writing in pencil on my job during our busy season and my hand cramps up TERRIBLY because I simply must press forcefully with the pencil due to the need to make multiple copies of the documents, I started using this pencil with 2B lead, WOW first with the 2B you dont have to press as hard, it comes out bold, and this pencil I get absolutely NO cramping in the hand. Its PERFECT!!

I had other smaller writing tools in the past, and they didnt fit right, and also lead to hand cramps, the lenght on this is perfect, and I have long fingers, so I imagine this would be usable to almost everyone. Solid metal, its just a fantastic lifelong pencil, I started looking for the pens to go along with, but apparently there are some plastic pieces in there. I will be ordering the full length of this pencil when I need lead again.

I cant say enough about this pencil, I like writing instruments a lot, but I am no collector by any means, this pencil I cannot recommend highly enough. The lead lasts a LOOOOOONG time, but you do have to sharpen it often with the softer leads like the 2B, so its not as "productive" as a standard .5mm or anything like that, but really it doesnt take much time to sharpen.

It also looks like something from a long long time ago, really cool vintage looking pencil to have laying around the desk, I love this
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I like this pencil a...
October 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
I like this pencil a lot. It is sturdy enough to carry in my pants pocket and is a nice size to write with.
I bought two of these...
October 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
I bought two of these lead holders, liking their size, feel and their usefulness. Unfortunately, the clutch mechanism on the first one I bought this past spring stopped functioning last week. The lead holder hadn't been dropped and had been kept in a leather pouch when in my pocket. I took it out of its pouch, pressed the button to advance the lead, and while the button depressed, the lead advanced only a tiny fraction. The mechanism doesn't release the lead inside or advance it after the first click. I have retired that pencil, and while I really enjoyed it, two months of active use is NOT a good value.
NB Teacher
I love this pencil, look...
March 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil, look elegant, easy to hold writing, convenient click for more lead out, and i can put in my pocket. I wish i had a clip on the top of the pencil.
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