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This is a beautiful pencil...
February 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is a beautiful pencil and works pretty well. In this model, Kaweco has solved a rattling problem that the bigger version of this pen had (at least, some of them). I think that the N-clip is a must, remember this is a pencil, not suitable for carrying it in your checkbook. My only complaint, and an important one, is that this pencil does not allow to carry spare leads inside, there is space just for the lead you are using. This seems just a bad design choice as this is a short pencil, but as thick as the standard version.
this pencil is great...
October 2, 2013
this pencil is great i really like how it fits in your pocket i travel around with it everywhere. i only have 2 complaints one the eraser it is not big enough (i just use a separate eraser) 2 the price. 3 i dropped it and the tip bent a bit so i had to unbend it with a paper clip but it still dosen't work as well and i have to keep adjusting it. overall a good pen
I have used Kaweco fountain...
May 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I have used Kaweco fountain pens for many years because they really do fit in your pocket and they work well enough, especially the aluminum models. (As they say about cameras: the best fountain pen is the one you actually carry with you.) Likewise, I was looking for a 0.9mm mini pencil. This might be the only one available. I have had it only a couple of days and it seems to work well enough. I would give it 5 stars but I think it is overpriced. On the other hand, there is no competition, so it is hard to compare prices. Lamy makes a similar sized pencil but it is not available in 0.9mm - and it costs almost exactly the same.
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