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The Kaweco aerometric...
July 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
The Kaweco aerometric converter works well, with several squeezes, and being able to easily use bottled ink is a terrific alternative to cartridges.

One caveat: this converter will not fit in certain, early Kaweco Sport fountain pens. If your fountain pen has a nib with the Kaweco logo, and the nib size abbreviation is engraved as a cursive capital letter, the converter will not fit because the converter's metal sleeve will prevent it from seating properly. Some early versions have the nib size as a cursive capital letter on the side of the nib and the words "Germany since 1883" are engraved above the logo. Also, these nibs may not have a breather hole. It appears that the main identifying feature on these earlier pens seems to be that the nib size was always engraved as a cursive letter.

The converter is supposed to fit snugly inside the section and connect with the feed nipple. This is impossible in the earlier versions of the Kaweco Sport because the feed nipple is further down in the section and the aerometric converter cannot be pushed in deep enough to fit properly. An possible alternative converter, without a metal sleeve, for the earlier models, can be found as a mini-piston type converter, like the "Rosetta Mini Fountain Pen Converter" sold on eBay, but I cannot guarantee that converter will fit all versions of the Kaweco Sport.

The aerometric converter sold by JetPens will seat properly and work correctly with later, newer versions of the Kaweco Sport. At this time, I have identified these models as ones with a nib that has the round Kaweco logo and the words "Germany since 1883" engraved above the logo. The nib size abbreviation on newer Kaweco Sport fountain pens is engraved as a manuscript capital letter (like M for medium) and not a cursive letter. Another indicator of the correct pen is that the nib breather hole is somewhat larger on the newer pens. The main identifying feature on the newer model nibs seems to be that the nib size is engraved as a manuscript capital letter. Please note that the design of this pen could change without notice.

The Kaweco Sport is a wonderful, handy little fountain pen and this aerometric converter makes it even handier.
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An excellent converter,...
July 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
An excellent converter, but please note: Early versions of the Kaweco Sport cannot use this converter.

I forgot to mention, in my other review, that JetPens sells a perfect mini-piston converter that will work in the earlier Kaweco Sport fountain pens (please see my other review for details).

If you have an older Kaweco sport, purchase the Monteverde mini-piston converter sold by JetPens. It fits properly in the older Kaweco Sport pens (including the "Chess" model), and it works like a charm.

Thanks to JetPens for their excellent service!
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Was I cautiously optimistic...
July 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
Was I cautiously optimistic that this converter would work? No - I was downright suspicious. But, not only does it work, it works really well. I holds firmly in place, fills properly, it fits. This adds greatly to the usability of my Al Sport.
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I bought mine more for...
August 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought mine more for flushing water through my Kaweco's feed and section, than to use it as a proper ink converter. It's tiny and awkward, but it does suck up a minimal amount of ink. (I even tried doing several squeezes, in the manner of lever-filler and vacumatic pens, but it never got more ink in it than a third of it's capacity.)

Good for cleaning, yes, but for max ink capacity, you may as well use a syringe or turn your Kaweco into an eyedropper.
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This cartridge is hard...
November 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
This cartridge is hard for me to fill. I gave up and filled it with a fill needle. It doesn't hold much ink, either.
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I found this converter...
April 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
I found this converter to be very tiny, awkward and messy. Although it did work and may have been my technique.

I used this converter for only a few days before converting both of my Kaweco Ice Sports into "eye droppers", by pouring the ink directly into the back of the pen and lightly coating the threads with 100% silicone grease. No converter or cartridge needed...and holds 4-5 times the volume of ink. Works like a charm.
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These converters do an...
October 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
These converters do an adequate job of keeping my Kaweco pen writing. They do not fill completely no matter how much you squeeze the bulb, but that is a good thing because as I screw the body of the pen back on, some ink comes out the nib end because of the tight fit. You can tell the fit is tight, because once you remove the body of the pen to refill the converter, the sac is slightly twisted from screwing the body on and off. Since I do not like cartridges at all, this is my choice, but I find it the weakest part of the pen. Be sure you are holding the pen over the ink container as you replace the body.

I bought this converter for use in my Liliput Fireblue pen. Some say these pens are cartridge only, but this converter will work in these. Perhaps it works better in the Sport pens, however.

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It's interesting that...
March 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
It's interesting that this device is getting so many good reviews. I bought two of them for my two Kaweco Sports, and found that they both work very poorly, taking in a negligible amount of ink. I have plenty of experience using other squeeze converters, and it hardly requires great skill to use them anyway. These simply don't function very well.

If you were going to fill them with a syringe, as at least one reviewer recommends, then it would be simpler just to refill a used cartridge instead. The plastic versions of the Sport are also suitable for eyedropper filling.
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It does work, but you...
February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
It does work, but you have to put in a lot of effort to get a detectable amount of ink into it. On my first few attempts, the amount of ink in the converter was about the same as you see from one "burp" from a leaky nib. Eventually, I got enough in the converter to make it worthwhile. For my purposes, this was success. All I wanted was a way to test different ink samples in the Kaweco Sport, so I didn't need a big volume in there. When I find one I like, I'm using a syringe to re-fill an empty standard international cartridge and using that. If you're hoping to use the converter as the go-to way for filling the pen, you're going to be frustrated.
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The Kaweco Squeeze Fountain...
November 24, 2014
Verified Purchase
The Kaweco Squeeze Fountain Pen Converter for the Sport Series is great! It seems to resist staining from any ink I've thrown at it so far. Noodlers Blue & Black Eel had not staining effect on the Converter after washing with 3:1 Water/Ammonia.
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