King Jim Pensam Pen Case No. 2001 - Slim - Orange

King Jim Pensam Pen Case No. 2001 - Slim - Orange

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This convenient pen case attaches to the cover of a softcover notebook or planner so that your pens will always be on hand when you need them. It also fits in an inside jacket pocket. It uses a magnetic flap, so it stays securely in place but is easy to swap between notebooks when necessary. The case has a soft leather-like feel with room for two large pens or three smaller pens.

Note: As with all magnetic items, be careful to keep this case away from electronics, credit cards, and other magnetically sensitive items to avoid damaging them.

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Very inexpensive and...
October 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
Very inexpensive and functional case. Problem is, the magnetic flap which allows attaching to a notebook just doesn't have the strength to hold its position when you're removing a writing utensil, especially one that has a clip, like just about every ballpoint or fountain pen made.
Pulling out a pen takes the case right off the notebook and this is with softcover notebooks even if you're careful. On a hardcover notebook like a Moleskin, didn't even bother to try.
In these days of amazingly powerful magnets of diminutive size, I found this product was about as magnetic as those thin flexible magnets you can buy in sheets or rolls, which is code for not very good.
Increase the strength of the magnet even if the price increases somewhat would make this an excellent alternative to Quivers and other more expensive leather cases for on-the-cover-cases. Don't mind the material construction, just the holding power.
For the price, really wanted to like it, but basically non functional in a backpack or briefcase and other objects are going to interact and pull it off your notebook.