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February 21, 2014
Love this lead holder!...
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Love this lead holder! I have a couple of Staedtlers that I've always found to be "okay," but I really love the simplicity of this wooden beauty. I particularly like that it clutches as it extends the lead, so that it is released in small amounts with each click, instead of just free-floating when I hold down the knock button. I got the one without the clip, and when I order more, at least one of them will have a clip for easy wearing in my pocket. I use this for sketching, and ultimately want one for each lead hardness that I use.

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February 8, 2012
Knock-style! A loud...
Knock-style! A loud knock too! I have put a red foam rubber grip on the front and use it as a sidearm for my Staedtler 925-02. Without the after-market grip, I'd rate it a 4 because the wood seems to be a little harder and sharp edged than most wooden pencils. Usually knock-style 2mm leadholders are more spendy, so this is a must-buy IMHO for drafting/mechanical pencil fanatics.

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November 11, 2014
This pencil looks beautiful...
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This pencil looks beautiful and I really like that it clicks like a mechanical one unlike most lead clutches that release the whole lead at once.

October 17, 2014
This leadholder is absolutely...
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This leadholder is absolutely perfect for the kind of drawing exercises I do at school. It is light and the wood is very comfortable to hold over 3-4 hour sessions at the easel. It is the closest I've found to the comfort of a traditional drawing pencil, but with the easy sharpening of lead holders. (No need for utility knives and time spent shaving off wood to reveal more pigment. Just click to extend the lead, and rub it a few times on sandpaper to renew the point.)

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